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What Happens When We Die?

By Chris Morphew, illustrated by Emma Randall
from 2 reviews

Apologetics for Christian kids and tweens: what happens when we die?

Part of the Big Questions series.

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Sooner or later, kids have big questions about God, life, faith and the Bible, especially when their friends start asking them about what they believe. A common one is: What happens when we die?

Big questions deserve good answers. This warm, empathetic book looks at what the Bible says to help 9-13s think through this big question for themselves. It tackles common fears and stereotypes about the afterlife, and will excite readers about the promise of the new creation. Lively stories and illustrations make this book easy for this age group to engage with.

Christian studies teacher and school chaplain Chris Morphew has been answering big questions from kids in his classroom for over a decade. He has written over 20 books for children and youth, including Best News Ever, a 100-day devotional for tweens.

Emma Randall has illustrated many books, including Diary of a Disciple.

What Happens When We Die? is part of the Big Questions series: fun and fast-paced books walking kids aged 9-13 through what the Bible says about some of the big questions of life, and helping them to grow in confident and considered faith.

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  • 1. The Problem With Heaven
    2. What Does the Bible Really Say About Earth?
    3. What Does the Bible Really Say About Heaven?
    4. What Does the Bible Really Say About Hell?
    5. How Do I Get Eternal Life?
    6. What Will Happen on the Day Jesus Returns?
    7. What Will Life Be Like When Jesus Returns?
    8. What Will We Be Like When Jesus Returns?
    9. What About My Friends Who Don't Know Jesus?

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Age range: 9+
Contributors Chris Morphew, Emma Randall
ISBN 9781784986162
Format Paperback
First published May 2021
Dimensions 128mm x 198mm x 8mm
Weight 0.11 kg
Print size 11.0pt
Language English
Pages 96
Publisher The Good Book Company

Tamar Pollard

Families Minister, Wahroonga Anglican Church, Sydney and Co-author of Epic Explorers

What an excellent series—seriously excellent! I am certain Chris Morphew’s chatty style, clear explanations, relevant illustrations and personal insights will engage, inform and equip tweens as they work through some of the big questions they and their peers will be asking. Rather than rattling off short, simplistic answers, the books allow the readers to question and unpack the evidence. I am delighted to see such great material being produced for those at a pivotal stage of life and have no doubt they’ll also be a fantastic resource for those working with this age group.

Colin Buchanan

Christian Children's Recording artist and author, Sydney, Australia

Questions about death can be hard to ask. And sometimes the answers aren’t clear or just don’t seem to ring true. Well, here comes Chris Morphew to help us! By taking us through the Bible’s answers to lots of our questions about death, he draws us to think about the world, God, what he is like, what we’re like—and why, when it comes to death, Jesus changes everything!

Barbara Reaoch

Director, Children's Division, Bible Study Fellowship

With engaging stories and scriptural truth, Chris Morphew lifts our eyes and hearts to see God, who is bigger than our biggest questions. His rescue mission through Jesus will not disappoint us!

Independent reviews

Highly recommended!

Diane Stortz, 10 Jun 2021

The Big Questions series for middle graders respects their questions and offers answers with respect too. Throughout the series, the author (a teacher and school chaplain) connects with young readers with a conversational tone, excellent examples to explain his points, and—perhaps most important—a deep understanding of their questions.... continue reading

Customer reviews

1 Jun 2021

“I found the books easy to read, informative”

Using many engagement and teaching techniques, the author explains the answer to a common question. Strategies like: story-telling, metaphors, questions, thinking aloud, and biblical connections and explanations.
See the full review here: http://whisperingtheword.blogspot.com/2021/06/partner-review-thegoodbookcompany-big.html

5 May 2021

“It helped us get excited about Jesus coming back”

My 11 yr old daughter and I read this together. We thought it explained things really well and we both learnt some things! It helped us to look forward to heaven and the new creation. My daughter liked the stories Chris told which helped us to understand things better. She particularly liked the chapters about heaven and how we get eternal life. The chapter about my friends who don’t know Jesus was also very helpful.

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What Happens When We Die? | Chris Morphew, Emma Randall |
£7.99 £6.79