Following Jesus (Luke 9-12)

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Join Jesus on the road to Jerusalem and learn what following him really means.

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Being a disciple of Jesus has never been a walk in the park. It's more often a long, dusty, difficult road, with plenty of sweat and suffering. That's the road, after all, that Jesus himself walked, as he headed south from Galilee to Jerusalem to face the cross.

Following Jesus walks with Jesus on the road to Jerusalem in Luke 9-12, and learns with his disciples what following him really means. It means that nothing in our lives will ever be the same again, because we have said 'no' to ourselves and 'yes' to Jesus as our Lord and King.

Leaders notes are included.

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  • Before you begin
  • 1. The turning point (Luke 9:18-27)
  • 2. Harvest time (Luke 10:1-24)
  • 3. Love your neighbour (Luke 10:25-37)
  • 4. Listening (Luke 10:38-42)
  • 5. Prayer (Luke 11:1-13)
  • 6. Beware hypocrisy (Luke 11:33-12:3)
  • 7. Money (Luke 12:13-34)
  • For the leader

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Author Gordon Cheng
ISBN 9781921068249
Format Saddle stitch
First published April 2006
Dimensions 145mm x 215mm x 5mm
Print size 10pt
Language English
Pages 72
No. of studies 7
Publisher Matthias Media

Other information

About Pathway Bible Guides

Following Jesus is part of this new series of Pathway Bible Guides. They aim to provide simple, straightforward Bible study material for:

  • Christians who are new to studying the Bible (perhaps because they've been recently converted or because they have joined a Bible study group for the first time);
  • Christians with lower literacy levels who find other studies (such as the Good Book Guides or Interactive Bible Studies) too much of a stretch.

Accordingly, the studies are designed to be short, straightforward and easy to use, with an uncomplicated vocabulary. At the same time, the writers have tried to do justice to the passages being studied and to model good Bible-reading principles. They have tried to be simple without being simplistic; no-nonsense without being no-content.

The questions and answers assume a small group context but can easily be adapted to suit different situations, such as individual study and one to one.

Customer reviews



We have used the material to mentor a new Christian. Some questions have really challenged her and as a result have opened up some good questions. We believe that she has benefited greatly from our work together - prompted and directed by the guide. I was initially put off by the description on page 8 as Jesus as the 'boss'. This is a word charged with the baggage of and hostility towards 19th century capitalists. It is a word used to describe modern leaders and managers by people with no or very little experience of the business world who are often politically prejudiced. As commonly understood, it is the very complete and total opposite of Jesus - the quintessential servant leader. I asked myself, "What is the mindset of someone who could use such a word of Jesus?" and "Can I trust this person?"


“Excellent resource”

We used this study guide for our post alpha group last term. It proved a valuable tool to equip professing Christians to lead a bible study for the first time and that's got to be an endorsement. We had excellent discussions. The leader's notes were helpful and the questions well laid out - though we did add our own. The opening question was particularly helpful. Thank you Gordon!


“Great feedback”

We have just started using the GBC studies in our 9 LIFE Groups.

The feedback from the leaders/group members has been good.

Solid Biblically, simple questions, excellent background materials.

For a better impact - like any such materials - some leaders might want to customize/adapt it.

Great work from Gordon!


“Very Useful resource”

This has proved popular in our groups with newer Christians as well as those well used to bible study and can be taylored to suit your own group. The subject matter is particularly suitable for new Christains and will introduce them to important themes such as the kingdom of God, the cost of following Jesus, service etc etc. The authors stick carefully to the substance of the passage and include creative ways of looking at the text.


“Excellent easy to use studies with excellent notes, especially strong on context”

I used these studies with a small group of women who had become Christians through a Christianity Explained course followed with Just for Starters. The group has really enjoyed these studies in Luke as a follow on from Just for Starters. They are easily accessible to people not used to handling the Bible. In terms of leading,I found the notes at the back of the book very helpful and especially strong on putting the passage in context which gave the studies with the women much more depth. The women are now preparing the studies before coming to the group studies which is encouraging.
I also like the 20/40/60 prep plan for the leader.

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Following Jesus (Luke 9-12) | Gordon Cheng | £3.50 £2.80