Exploring Identity

21 days to discover who you are in Christ

A booklet to help women think through the theme of identity.

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Who am I? Am I "worth it"? or Am I "a waste of space"?

What is identity? Where do we look for it? What does God say about it?

Inside you'll find a mix of Bible readings, stories, articles and ideas for individuals and groups. As we listen to what God tells us about himself and ourselves, we'll discover the true source of our identity in the one who came to rescue us.

Can be used on your own or with a group. Come on a journey of discovering to explore your true identity.

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  • Step 1: Known
  • Step 2: What is identity?
  • Step 3: Why does he know me so well?
  • Step 4: Are you hiding?
  • Step 5: God doesn't make mistakes
  • Step 6: Mankind makes a mess
  • Step 7: Turning heads
  • Step 8: Jesus - everything we're not
  • Step 9: What Jesus knew
  • Step 10: Beauty
  • Step 11: Relationships
  • Step 12: Maid, mother or moneymaker?
  • Step 13: Are you a worry wart?
  • Step 14: Who's in control?
  • Step 15: Reflection & prayer
  • Step 16: Two hearts
  • Step 17: Transformed identity
  • Step 18: Becoming who you are
  • Step 19: The tricky bit
  • Step 20: Audience of one
  • Step 21: Where do I go from here?

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Author Naomi Skull
ISBN 9781905564286
Format Paperback
First published April 2012
Dimensions 170mm x 240mm x 3.1mm
Language English
Pages 48
Publisher The Good Book Company
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Exploring Identity | Naomi Skull | £2.99