Everyday Church (ebook)

Everyday Church ebook

Mission by being good neighbours

Doing mission in the context of everyday life and ordinary relationships

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Reaching non-Christians on the margins of the church with the gospel is an increasingly daunting task. Everyday Church looks at ways of drawing new people in without expecting them to adopt a whole new culture first.

Most people in the West have no intention of ever attending church. Indeed, many only use Christ's name as a swear word. And while some prominent churches are growing, much of this is transfer rather than true growth.

Yet many of our approaches to evangelism still assume a Christian mentality. We expect people to come to us when we put on a good church service.

We need to meet the unchurched where they are, in the context of everyday life, shifting the focus from putting on attractive events to creating attractive communities.

Allow this book, with its focus on Peter's first letter, to change your expectations and your thinking.

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  • Introduction
  • 1. Living at the Margins
  • 2. Everyday Community
  • 3. Everyday Pastoral Care
  • 4. Everyday Mission
  • 5. Everyday Evangelism
  • 6. Hope at the Margins


Author Tim Chester, Steve Timmis
ISBN 9781844746293
Format Electronic book text
First published 2011
Language English
Pages 224
Publisher IVP
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Everyday Church (ebook) | Tim Chester, Steve Timmis | £10.99 £7.69