Disciplines of a Godly Man

Disciplines of a Godly Man

R Kent Hughes
from 2 reviews

An inspiring and practical guide for men who seek to reflect God's glory in their lives.

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Our churches and homes need men who aren't afraid to work up a "spiritual sweat." Using engaging vignettes, scriptural wisdom, and practical advice, Hughes helps you "train" in the areas of marriage, fatherhood, integrity, prayer, friendship, work, and more. Personal study questions help you apply what you learn.

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  • Acknowledgements
  • Introduction
  • 1. Discipline for Godliness
  • Relationships
  • 2. Discipline of Purity
  • 3. Discipline of Marriage
  • 4. Discipline of Fatherhood
  • 5. Discipline of Friendship
  • Soul
  • 6. Discipline of Mind
  • 7. Discipline of Devotion
  • 8. Discipline of Prayer
  • 9. Discipline of Worship
  • Character
  • 10. Discipline of Integrity
  • 11. Discipline of Leadership
  • 12. Discipline of Work
  • 13. Discipline of Perseverance
  • Ministry
  • 14. Discipline of Church
  • 15. Discipline of Leadership
  • 16. Discipline of Giving
  • 17. Discipline of Witness
  • 18. Discipline of Ministry
  • Discipline
  • 19. Grace of Discipline
  • Resources
  • A - the Bible on Audiocassette
  • B - James and Debby Fellowes's Witness to Their Faith
  • C - Personal Reading Survey
  • D - M'Cheynes's Calendar for Daily Readings
  • E - Through the Bible
  • F - Topical Guide to Daily Devotional Bible Reading in a Year
  • G - Selected Proverbs Regarding the Tongue
  • H - Hymns for Personal Adoration and Praise
  • I - Choruses and Scripture Songs for Personal Adoration and Praise
  • J - Praise Psalms Especially Appropriate for Personal Worship
  • Notes
  • Scripture Index
  • General Index


Author R Kent Hughes
ISBN 9781581347586
Format Paperback
First published 2006
Dimensions 163mm x 243mm x 20mm
Language English
Pages 304
Publisher Crossway

Disciplines is a subject about which the Scriptures say much - but contemporary authors have been peculiarly silent. Kent Hughes fills a gaping void with this superb volume... If there is a spark of spiritual desire in your soul, this book will surely kindle it into a blazing passion for godly discipline.

John MacArthur

pastor and best-selling author

To open this book and find someone taking seriously the Biblical call of 'agonizing to enter the Kingdom' and... 'boxing and sweating like a champion to get victory over sin' is the most refreshing thing I could have set my eyes on.

John Piper

pastor and popular author

An outstanding volume for men and women alike!... Over 250 pages devoted to the practical outworking of discipline on subjects like purity, marriage, prayer, the tongue, the mind, our work, leadership, ministry, and many, many more. I guarantee: Digest this book and you will bid the blahs farewell.

Charles Swindoll

pastor and best-selling author

Customer reviews

“Extremely helpful and a real encouragement to godly living”

I fully recommend this book to any man who wants to take their faith seriously. Disciplines of a Godly family is equally good - packed with great practical ideas for the family man.


“A 'must read' for any man who wants to grow in Faith”

Having just taken over the leadership of our Men's Ministry' at my Church this book has opened my eyes to what God wants to see if ALL men. I only wish I could afford to buy every man in my Church a copy. Once they have read it they could pass it on. Everything is explained in such a way that I often stopped to think, 'Why didn't I see that before'. I must have for every Christian Man's bookshelf (once he's read it !)


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Disciplines of a Godly Man | R Kent Hughes | £10.99 £8.39