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Discipleship Explored Handbook (Portuguese)

Discipleship Explored Handbook (Portuguese)

Following Christ. What's it all about?

Handbook for each participant on this follow-on to Christianity Explored and other evangelistic courses in Portugese

Part of the Discipleship Explored series.


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Discipleship Explored is for anyone who wants to make the most of their Christian lives, but especially for people who have recently completed an evangelistic course and decided to follow Christ.

Developed by the team behind Christianity Explored and based on the book of Philippians, the course lasts eight weeks, with each session lasting about two hours and has a group discussion, a study in Philippians, short talk and further discussion.

• Revised and updated, with a fresh new look
• Contains everything a guest needs to take part in a Discipleship Explored course
• Includes discussion questions and follow-up material for guests to continue to explore each session's theme during the week
• New features: session summaries, dictionary of tricky words or phrases, map and background material on Philippians

Braille and Giant Print

The Discipleship Explored Handbook is also available in Braille and Giant Print thanks to our friends at The Torch Trust. To order a copy, please call 01858 438260 or click here.

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  • Week 1: Confident In Christ - Philippians 1:1-11
    Week 2: Living In Christ - Philippians 1:12-26
    Week 3: Standing Together In Christ - Philippians 1:27 - 2:11
    Week 4: Transformed By Christ - Philippians 2:12-30
    Week 5: Righteous In Christ - Philippians 3:1-9
    Week 6: Knowing Christ - Philippians 3:10 - 4:1
    Week 7: Rejoicing In Christ - Philippians 4:2-9
    Week 8: Content In Christ - Philippians 4:10-23


Contributors Barry Cooper
ISBN 9788576684565
Format Paperback
First published October 2014
Dimensions 150mm x 225mm x 5mm
Weight 0.13 kg
Language Portuguese
Pages 80
No. of studies 8
Publisher Editora Crista Evangelica

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