Disciples who will last

How to develop an effective youth ministry with lasting impact

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Takes you through a new Christians' first week and beyond, establishing a lasting framework for discipleship.

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Tim Hawkins has a passionate vision - not only for outreach to young people, but also for seeing new Christians grounded in the faith and growing to maturity. Rooted in Scripture, this book shows how both Jesus Christ and the apostle Paul went about the task of growing disciples - and how their methods and mindset form the basis for effective discipleship today.

This manual for youth leaders is packed with insights from three decades of experience. Starting from the point someone responds to the gospel, it takes you through a new Christians' first week and beyond, establishing a framework for a practical approach that brings gospel growth to young disciples.

Disciples who will last aims to help youth leaders everywhere to teach and grow young Christians, so that they too will one day grow disciples for Christ.

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  • Section 1: The Vision for Discipling
    1. Why building lasting disciples matters!
    2. The discipling method of Jesus
    3. The discipling method of Paul

  • Section 2: Getting Disciples Started
    4. Why the gospel matters
    5. Get the gospel right!
    6. Make your message clear
    7. Encourage a genuine response
    8. Understand the devil's weapons
    9. The first crucial week

  • Section 3: Getting Disciples Growing
    10. The best way to meet with disciples
    11. Making your discipleship group work
    12. Three key steps for a new disciple
    13. Teaching the six habits of growth

  • Section 4: Being a Discipleship Leader
    14. The discipling relationship
    15. The faithful discipling leader
    16. The effective discipling leader

  • Section 5: The Missing Links of Discipling
    17. Keeping track
    18. Getting disciples into active ministry
    19. Memorising verses
    20. Trusting God


Contributors Tim Hawkins
ISBN 9781906334628
Format Paperback
First published January 2009
Dimensions 128mm x 196mm x 14mm
Weight 0.29 kg
Language English
Pages 212
Publisher The Good Book Company

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Customer reviews

16 Feb 2021

“Immensely practical”

As the motto of our church is: "Growing lifelong disciples of Jesus Christ in a Christian caring community" I was immediately attracted to the title of this book. Having been in youth work all my life, the key phrase on the cover "disciples who will last" stood out as a key component. We wish to see that "lifelong" disciple who does not give up at every hurdle. So the wording of the book's title immediately drew me to it. Secondly, the very attractive, colourful cover also made me feel excited about looking at the content. Too many Christian book covers are as boring as many Christians appear, and although you don't judge a book by its cover, it certainly attracts you to reading it. The biggest attraction to me is the way Tim Hawkins lays out his book. With busy lives, and people generally probably not reading as much these days due to more visual presentations available, you can flick through this book and get the key points he is making with the excellent sub titles in each chapter. Highly recommended for all church leaders and workers, but I think every Christian should read it as a way of becoming a disciple and being involved in discipling others, to produce lifelong disciples of Jesus Christ in a Christian caring community.

27 May 2009

“A useful & practical reminder”

As someone with a passion for developing disciples who will last, I obviously liked this book. It was in many ways rather basic - there were no surprises in the content, and most of it was just good, biblical sense. However, it was very handy having all those reasons that you know at the back of your mind spelled out in front of you, with a checklist of things to do.
The book comes in 5 sections:
Section 1 looks at the methods of Jesus & Paul in spending time with individuals in order that they can spend time with others.
Section 2 outlines the importance of the gospel, and talks through how to lead a person to Christ.
Sections 3-5 are more practical and include advice on group sizes, frequency and content.
I would particularly recommend this book to (or place in the hand of!) someone new to discipleship, or beginning to take a more involved role in 1:1 or small group work with young Christians.

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£8.99 £6.74