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Deuteronomy: The One and Only

8 interactive Bible studies for small groups and individuals

from 5 reviews

The One and Only explores Deuteronomy with New Testament eyes.

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With Israel poised on the edge of the Promised Land, God speaks to them through Moses.

But what do you say to a nation who has a record of not listening? How can Moses persuade them to live a life worthy of the mercy God has shown them? Will they respond to Moses' charge to love God with all their heart, soul and strength?

On one hand, Deuteronomy tells the story of God's people Israel; their history, their laws, their way of life, their hopes and dreams. On the other hand, and most importantly, it is the story of Israel's God, Yahweh, the creator of the universe, the One and Only.

The One and Only explores Deuteronomy with New Testament eyes. It leaves you with a picture of an awesome and wonderful God who has kept his promises and, in his Son, delivered salvation to his worldwide people, as we wait on the edge of a heavenly inheritance.

An ideal study book for individuals or small groups.

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  • How to make the most of these studies
  • 1. What's this about bird nests?
  • 2. Know who you're dealing with
  • 3. A gracious God
  • 4. A grateful people
  • 5. Love and Trust
  • 6. Love and Obedience
  • 7. The leader we had to lose
  • 8. Happily ever after?

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Contributors Bryson Smith
ISBN 9781921896378
Format Saddle stitch
First published January 2004
Dimensions 152mm x 224mm x 4mm
Language English
Pages 68
No. of studies 8
Publisher Matthias Media
Customer reviews


“Great, straight-forward guidebook ”

A straight-forward bible study series to Deuteronomy with poignant questions and helpful contextual information. Helps readers not to get lost in the minor details of Deuteronomy and instead to focus on the character of God.


“Really helpful.”

Going through a tough time at the moment with some friends, so when one of them suggested we do a Bible study together, I thought 'great!' then they suggested Deuteronomy. Well after the first read through Deuteronomy I thought, 'Oh my goodness, how can anyone stand up to all this?'
This book has been very helpfull and pointed out some very interesting points that have been both an encouragement and deepened out understanding of our Great God. The book doesn't cover all the chapters but dips in and out, and each chapter is in managable sections so if you have the time you can complete a whole chapter or stop part way through and still be able to pick up again the next time without a great deal of re-reading. Would recommend this book as a good help and guide to this very large book in the Bible.


“Really Useful for Small Groups”

This is one of the 'medium length' study guides from the GBC, i.e. you need to allow about and hour and a half for each study. You can do them in less time if you abridge, or a lot longer if you chat!

Though just 66 pages, this study guide manages to cover the whole of Deuteronomy. Obviously the main laws in the middle are not dealt with in detail, but the overall is book is covered adequately, and should be an encouragement to small group leaders not to be scared of tackling a large, OT, book of the Bible.

Practical lessons are drawn legitimately from the text in each of 8 studies. The accompanying commentary is useful, but allows plenty of scope for exploring the text before looking-up the answers.

The only criticism I would make is that the structure assumes the very trad. 3 or 4 sermon structure of Deuteronomy, which has been rather superseded nowadays by the '2nd Millennium BC Hittite Treaty' format. The latter provides much better structural insight into Deuteronomy. The 3 or 4 sermon approach leads, for example, to the Blessings and Curses section in Ch. 27-30 being soft-peddled by this study guide, whereas the Hittite structure would have highlighted them as a prominent section. Nevertheless, they are not ignored, so I find this a most useful study guide, having used it now once with a home group.



The One and Only Deuteronomy Interactive Bible Studies.


“Excellent - Deteronomy in context”

This study is excellent. I have led Home Bible Studies since 1980 and have used many books as well as writing my ownmaterial. In general I feel that a lot of the published material has some way to go. However we have just completed all the studies in this book and our group have learnt a lot through it.
<BR>I have found it consistently taught the story of the Scriptures as a whole and is probably the best published study I have used.
<BR>Thank you.

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Deuteronomy: The One and Only | Bryson Smith | £3.50 £2.80