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Time to get back into regular Bible reading? The Daily Reading Bible has everything you need to get started, and in one compact, portable package.

Each reading is designed to take around 15-20 minutes, and contains:
- the full text of the Bible passage for that reading;
- some questions to get you thinking;
- some 'points to ponder'; and
- some ideas to get you started in prayer.

It's all here in one booklet that you can take with you anywhere – on the train, on the bus, to the park at lunchtime, or to your favourite armchair.

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Format Saddle stitch
First published 2005
Dimensions 153mm x 205mm
Language English
Pages 64
Publisher The Good Book Company
Customer reviews

“Really great for establishing and sticking to a daily quiet time ”

(Review written for 'The Daily Reading Bible - Volume 1')

I really like how the readings aren’t dated, so if you do end up missing a day, you don’t feel guilty and can jump back in the next day. Some of the questions are quite challenging but it really helps you to think about the passage, maybe in ways you hadn’t thought before.


“Gets you into God's word”

Easy to carry with bible reading within, recognises the struggle begining with regular study. Good length so for time commitment idea relevant and punchy



Found these notes very helpful and the questions are stimulating. Its great to have the bible notes and study helps all in the one book... incidently i got the prayer journal along with it.. really helps me focus and see where i am and encourages me to pray more


“No Guilt, No Excuse!”

(Review written for 'The Daily Reading Bible - Volume 1')

If you are anything like me you will have struggled with Daily Bible reading. It does not help when one is regaled with tales by well meaning believers of their Quiet Time heroics; where so much is covered so deeply and so early! It is easy to feel a failure and give up the whole enterprise as hopeless.
If that sounds like you then this series called Daily Reading Bible might just be what you have been longing for. Each booklet has 60 undated passages, so no guilt about falling behind an artificial schedule!
The passage for the day is printed out in full, so no need to tote a Bible requiring the use of a third hand!
There are a couple of straight forward questions, the answers to which are found in the passage so no background knowledge is required!
With a point to ponder and spaces to scribble what's not to like? No guilt, no excuse Bible reading!


“great daily readings”

Good to have everything together so it can be taken with you in handbag and read at anytime.questions and prayers at end of reading help direct teaching.


“Not quite what I had hoped for”

It's a neat idea and useful if you don't have a Bible to hand. My wife and I use it at the end of the day, and the questions don't really work for the two of us together. I would have liked more provocative comments/questions.
The print for the footnotes is too small! Yes, I know you don't have much room, but it is a strain to read.
It was not your fault that the first set of readings was on Judges, which we have studied recently in our home groups. The suggested extracts to be read were helpful - it's ok reading an extended passage silently but I read these out loud, and a long passage is hard going.
The passage length in Romans is more appropriate, but I think the questions could have been better.
Perhaps these notes are not intended for old folk like us. I'm signed up for the year and will persist.


“Assessment of the Daily Reading Plan”

Well presented and challenging, through provoking and educational. I like the approach that you take in terms of taking a logical approach in studying the Bible one book at a time and completing a study of the entire Bible over a given period of five years.



(Review written for 'The Daily Reading Bible - Volume 1')

It's very useful having the Bible passages printed in the book. It means you can easily fit it in your bag, or take it in the car, etc and have it all 'there'. The questions are thought provoking but sometimes I feel I'd like more of an answer!


“very helpful but!”

I have just started using these notes(No 20) and have found them very helpful and thought provoking. To have everything together is time saving but there is nothing like using the Bible to see context etc. If Bible passages were taken out this would be a small book. This is not necessarily bad as the questions and things to ponder are stimulating.


“Fantastic Bible study notes”

(Review written for 'The Daily Reading Bible - Volume 1')

I found these Bible notes to be really fantastic. I love having all the Bible passages in the book so I can read it anytime and anywhere. The like the questions about the Bible passages as they are not too easy and so really get me thinking and help with my understanding. I also find the ponder questions very helpful and applicable to my daily life. It makes me look forward to reading God's word and I love the tick boxes! Also, contemporary layout and front cover - overall, presented well and clearly.


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