The Daily Reading Bible - Volume 20

The Daily Reading Bible - Volume 20

Judges, Practical Christian Living, Daniel

60 short daily Bible readings on Judges, practical Christian living and Daniel.

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The Daily Reading Bible is an all-in-one resource and a good way to get started or keep going in your daily reading of the Bible.

This nineteenth volume contains 60 short daily Bible readings on Judges, practical Christian living and Daniel. Each reading is designed to take around 15-20 minutes and contains:
- the full text of the Bible passage for that reading (ESV)
- some questions to get you thinking
- some 'points to ponder'
- some ideas to get you started in prayer

It's all here in one booklet that you can take with you anywhere - on the train, on the bus, to the park at lunchtime, or to your favourite armchair.

Product details


  • Introduction
  • Judges
  • Practical Christian living
  • Daniel
  • Appendix


ISBN 9781921441530
Format Saddle stitch
First published November 2009
Dimensions 155mm x 205mm x 6mm
Language English
Pages 80
Publisher Matthias Media
Customer reviews

“Not quite what I had hoped for”

(Review written for 'Daily Reading Bible Subscription (4 issues)')

It's a neat idea and useful if you don't have a Bible to hand. My wife and I use it at the end of the day, and the questions don't really work for the two of us together. I would have liked more provocative comments/questions.
The print for the footnotes is too small! Yes, I know you don't have much room, but it is a strain to read.
It was not your fault that the first set of readings was on Judges, which we have studied recently in our home groups. The suggested extracts to be read were helpful - it's ok reading an extended passage silently but I read these out loud, and a long passage is hard going.
The passage length in Romans is more appropriate, but I think the questions could have been better.
Perhaps these notes are not intended for old folk like us. I'm signed up for the year and will persist.


“Assessment of the Daily Reading Plan”

(Review written for 'Daily Reading Bible Subscription (4 issues)')

Well presented and challenging, through provoking and educational. I like the approach that you take in terms of taking a logical approach in studying the Bible one book at a time and completing a study of the entire Bible over a given period of five years.


“very helpful but!”

(Review written for 'Daily Reading Bible Subscription (4 issues)')

I have just started using these notes(No 20) and have found them very helpful and thought provoking. To have everything together is time saving but there is nothing like using the Bible to see context etc. If Bible passages were taken out this would be a small book. This is not necessarily bad as the questions and things to ponder are stimulating.


“Solid Christian teaching ”

(Review written for 'Daily Reading Bible Subscription (4 issues)')

I ordered this resource for a friend who became a Christian last year but has struggled to get into daily Bible reading. These notes are ideal, given they are not dated, because you can read them at your own pace. My friend is a carer and is thus under time pressure. Having the Bible passage printed in the notes means she can easily pick it up when she has small windows of opportunity.
I felt totally at peace in giving them to my friend, knowing they contain sound and solid Christian teaching. A real gift.


“Helpful and challenging”

I am enjoying using these notes, after many years of using Scripture Union material and Bible speaks today commentaries. It is useful to have the text for when you are out of your home with the notes, and I find the questions stimulating and helpful. It is useful to have the spaces to write in the answer, as this helps to keep you disciplined in your Bible study!


“Practical and thoughtful”

This is a very good book that enhances personal devotional time. The questions are often thought-provoking but never too challenging - there is always food for thought.

Personally, I read this with a commentary to help develop my understanding of things when answering the questions; sometimes I need that extra something to guide me in a different direction. What limits my rating on the book, is the small space given to answer the questions and the Bible reading could be shorter to enable the reader to focus on the specific theme/text the questions ask about. I think a small reflection on the Bible reading would be a useful addition, but as an overall comment - very good, practical and helpful.



This is a really handy Bible reading guide. It makes you read, think and pray, even if you don't have long to do it. This has helped me to stick to regular Bible reading.


“Really helpful...”

As someone who loves the Lord and wants to read the Bible studying it and doing a regular quiet time is something i find difficult!
These studies are really great because they have all you need....the Bible verses, extra verses as footnotes or appendices, space to write notes and some questions to get you thinking.
I also like the box at the beginning where you can write peoples names tjat you want to oary for and at the end of the days study there is a point to ponder and a prayer suggestion.
It is still something I struggle with but these studies have really helped me and continue to do so.


“very good for busy mums”

I read mine during the quiet ten minutes I get in the early morning while breastfeeding; all the text on one page is perfect and often that early in the morning it's helpful to have pointers for prayer and reflection later in the day.


“A great solid bible bassed resource.”

I have struggled to find a solid bible based daily bible study resource, a while ago I picked up a couple of Daily Bible Reading Booklets at a conference and found them useful.

Each study can take around 20 minutes, the passage is on the page (enabling you to use them easily at work or on the train) with a couple of solid questions - this isn't David and the 'what do the stones mean to you' stuff, these are appliable questions.


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The Daily Reading Bible - Volume 20 | £3.50 £1.75