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Running the Race

Eric Liddell – Olympic Champion and Missionary

An engaging account of Eric Liddell's extraordinary life and faith.

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The name Eric Liddell is a familiar one to many, having gained much fame through the film Chariots of Fire.

A Christian athlete and missionary, his passion for his Saviour could be seen throughout his life. From university days to internment at Weihsien POW Camp, John Keddie’s biography brings together a specialist understanding of both Liddell’s faith and sporting achievements to provide an engaging account of this normal man’s extraordinary life.

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  • List of Illustrations
  • Picture Credits
  • Foreword
  • Preface
  • 1. Encountering Eric Liddel
  • 2. ‘It Is Surrender’
  • 3. The Shaping Of A Christian Sportsman
4. An Exciting Prospect
5. Another String To His Bow
6. More Brilliant Running
7. Another Rugby Season
8. Beginning to Fulfil The Potential
9. Reaching For The Pinnacle
10. The Man Who Was Friday
11. Coming Down From The Mountaintop
12. The Final Season
  • 13. Life Is More Than Sport
  • 14. Missionary Life In China
  • 15. Internment
  • 16. A Life Well Lived
  • 17. ‘More Than an Athlete’
  • Career Hightlights: (1) Athletics
  • Career Hightlights: (2) Rugby
  • End Notes
  • Biographical Bibliography
  • Index

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Contributors John Keddie
ISBN 9781527105317
Format Paperback
First published July 2020
Dimensions 138mm x 215mm x 15mm
Language English
Pages 256
Publisher Christian Focus

Gavin Peacock

Former professional footballer and Director of International Outreach, The Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood.

Being a Christian and former professional sportsmen, Liddell has always been a hero of the faith to me. So, I thoroughly enjoyed this book – a wonderful account which shows the reader that athletics was simply an extension of who Liddell was as a man running hard after Christ. That his life was a race within a race. Men like Eric Liddell are a rare commodity. They should be studied, imitated and never forgotten. So it is with great enthusiasm that I recommend this beautifully written and quite moving sports biography by John Keddie – a man well qualified to speak on Eric Liddell and athletics.

Jonathan Master

President, Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary, South Carolina

There are many reasons to read this gripping biography. Eric Liddell was a man of immense ability and profound conviction – an example in his own time and a hero for our age. John W. Keddie is ideally positioned as a guide to this multi–faceted character whose life has been used to encourage so wide a range of people around the globe.

Joe Barnard

Executive Director, Cross Training Ministries

In a world increasingly fascinated by sports it is difficult to find an athlete worthy of deep admiration. John Keddie’s account of the great Eric Liddell presents all of the drama of his athletic accomplishment while also preserving the character and faith that fueled this remarkable life. More than the medals won, this book reveals the shining greatness of Liddell to be the humble, yet gutsy, spirit that drove him to ‘press toward the goal for the prize’ (Phil. 3:14) – whether in the classroom, on the track, or in the mission–field.

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Running the Race | John Keddie | £12.99 £10.39