Healed at last

Healed at last

Separating Biblical truth from myth

An examination of the Bible’s teaching on healing that is equal parts warm personal testimony and clear, insightful teaching.

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Meningitis at the age of three left Scott Blackwell with a legacy of serious life-long health problems, including the severe limp he still walks with. But his physical ailments were only the half of it. By his own admission, he found himself at the age of eighteen “tired, starving, sick, experimenting widely with any drug I could find, mildly suicidal, and alone”.

This book tells how God brought profound healing into Scott Blackwell’s life. But it is also the story of Scott’s search for what the Bible teaches about physical healing, in this life and the next. Many Christian pastors make strong claims today about God’s promise to heal all our physical illnesses. What are we to make of these claims? What does the Bible actually teach about healing?

Scott’s examination of these important issues is personal, warm, practical and often funny. But it is also clear, thorough and compelling in its presentation of the Bible’s teaching about healing.

Healed at Last offers truth, hope and encouragement for everyone who longs to be healed.

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  • Foreword
  • 1 A brief personal history
  • 2 Life as it really is
  • 3 Pursuing a sign
  • 4 Holding the centre
  • 5 Healing in the Old Testament
  • 6 Healing in the New Testament
  • 7 What promise am I given?
  • 8 The practice of simony
  • 9 Conclusion: The kingdom in deed
  • Select bibliography


Author Scott Blackwell
ISBN 9781922206565
Format Paperback
First published June 2014
Dimensions 138mm x 208mm x 12.7mm
Language English
Pages 152
Publisher Matthias Media
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Healed at last | Scott Blackwell | £8.99 £6.74