Download the full size Illustrations - A Very Noisy Christmas

Download the full size Illustrations - A Very Noisy Christmas

These full colour, full size illustrations allow you to read A Very Noisy Christmas while showing the pictures on screen.

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Together with A Very Noisy Christmas, these full colour, full size illustrations allow you to read the story while showing the pictures on screen.

Perfect when reading to children 2-4 years old. Simply add to basket and the link to download will appear in your confirmation email upon purchase.

You will need to purchase the storybook separately in order to read the story.

A Very Noisy Christmas is a fun and fresh retelling of the Christmas story comes with an invitation to join in—both noisily and quietly! Young children can enjoy getting involved as they hear how Jesus was born so that we can be friends with God.

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Age range: 2 - 6
Author Tim Thornborough, Jennifer Davison
Format Digital files
First published September 2018
Language English
Publisher The Good Book Company
Customer reviews


“Great to use over Zoom!”

Used this in our Zoom Christmas Carol Service. Everyone across all ages enjoyed taking part in the retelling!



I love this book and having the accompanying PowerPoint makes it all the better. I’ve used them both to tell the story in church so all the congregation can see the image which are well drawn, bright and very engaging.



(Review written for 'A Very Noisy Christmas')

This is a lovely book and my girls especially enjoy joining in with all the very noisy bits. A really engaging retelling of the Christmas story.


“Thank God for the Goodbook company!”

(Review written for 'A Very Noisy Christmas')

Fantastic company, helpful ‘people behind the scenes’ great books assisting prayer life. Chose lots of books for gifts to others and to myself. Somewhat disappointed by the limited range of Christmas cards.


“Brilliant for lively toddlers”

(Review written for 'A Very Noisy Christmas')

I bought one copy for my lively, two year old grandson for Christmas. When I saw the beautiful illustrations and engaging way the wonder of the Christmas story was related, I ordered a second copy for my toddler granddaughter as well. Brilliant!


“Lovely book”

(Review written for 'A Very Noisy Christmas')

Such a lovely retelling of the birth of Christ. I particularly enjoyed the ‘reading instructions’ at the beginning. Brought in a fun dimension to the reading. Will def be buying more from this series.


“Loved this”

(Review written for 'A Very Noisy Christmas')

We have 6 of the books in this series. They are my 1 year old's favourites. The illustrations are vibrant and the sound effects mean he can enjoy the story being read to him. I also love that these books do not have white Bible characters. So rare to find!


“Great Book for little children”

(Review written for 'A Very Noisy Christmas')

A fantastic well written and well illustrated children's book about Christmas. We have added this to our Churches Creche reading set and are looking forward to seeing it being used more frequently towards Christmas season



Used the story and visual for our nativity service. Children loved joining in with the Sssh! and the adults read aloud using the slides the words in bold.



This is the second time we have used a Christmas story book w at our Crib service to give a fresh and interactive version of the Christmas story. We projected the downloadable images, had a narrator and some actors to be the shepherds/angels/wisemen (changing costumes quickly) and the congregation joining in the with the 'Shhhh' etc. It was great!

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