A Fresh Start (French)

Un nouveau depart

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A French edition of John Chapman's classic introduction to the Christian faith.

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Something is terribly wrong with our world, with our relationships, with us. We all sense this at different times. But is there anything we can do about it?

With all the honesty and humour for which he is famous, John Chapman tells in "A Fresh Start" that God has done something about it. We read about: just what God has done for us through his son, Jesus; how we can know it is true; what the alternatives are; and what we should do about it.

If you have been searching for a book that simply and clearly explains what it means to be a Christian, either for your own or another's benefit, your search is over.

Carefully and sympathetically translated, this new French edition will be useful for giving to those with French as a first language. If you are going on holiday to a Francophone country - take a couple of copies to leave with those you meet.

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  • 1. Where is it with you
  • Part 1 - Our Problem, God's Solution
  • 2. Sometimes I'm treated like a block of wood.
  • 3. Something is terribly wrong.
  • 4. What has god done about it?
  • 5. What's it like to be a Christian?
  • Part 2 - Can We Really Know?
  • 6. Will the true God please stand up?
  • 7. Impressive, outrageous, but believable
  • 8. The Lord in his world
  • 9. Can I trust the Gospels?
  • Part 3 - What's the Alternative?
  • 10. What's the hurry?
  • 11. Why isn't good enough, good enough?
  • Part 4 - What's to be done?
  • 12. What am I supposed to do?
  • 13. Can I be sure?
  • 14. Which way is forward?
  • P.S...

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Author John Chapman
ISBN 9781905564248
Format Paperback
First published October 2007
Dimensions 120mm x 186mm x 10mm
Language French
Pages 238
Publisher The Good Book Company

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Independent reviews

A Fresh Start

Dave McDonald, Macarisms, November 27th 2012

I’m not going to summarise the contents of the book, other than to say it explains very clearly what a Christian is, and how you can become one. It focuses explicitly on Jesus Christ, revealing who he is, what he has done, and why he should be followed. Many of the questions that people ask about Christianity are well answered in this little book. It’s worth buying to read, and to pass onto others who are interested in finding out more.... continue reading

Customer reviews


“Good Read.”

(Review written for 'A Fresh Start')

Excellent book. Well written. Illustrations are meaningful and relevant. Excellent purchase.



(Review written for 'A Fresh Start (Polish)')

An excellent Polish book which Ive used for Evangelism in a Night Shelter situation.

Why, oh why can’t it be produced in one or two other languages?

E.G. Romanian Etc.


“Clear and funny”

This is one of the first books I read (in English) when I became a Christian and I just love it because it explains so clearly what Christianity is all about. John Chapman is not only clear but also very funny, which makes his book very easy to read wherever we are in our spiritual life.


“Brilliant "Confirmation" about God, Jesus & the Bible.”

(Review written for 'A Fresh Start')

I have been a Christian for as long as I can remember and have never had a "Damascus" moment, but over the last few years have wanted to know more and to have more "Confirmation" about God, Jesus & the Bible.
I picked this book up from the back of the church whilst I was hanging around waiting for someone (I am not a great reader - only cycling magazines!) but WOW! this book seamed to answer so many questions and logically explain why it is impossible not to believe.
I still have a few pages to go but feel so strongly that I want to give my friends who have shown a slight interest in why I go to church a copy of this book.
I would also say it would be good for people who already have a good faith to read as it can only strengthen this and will equip you with answers to non Christians.


“Amazing blessing”

(Review written for 'A Fresh Start - Polish Edition')

I've read the book in the end of last year when I came to Leipzig (Germany). Sounds strange, especially that I was given the book by Australian friend working in ministry in Leipzig English Church. So, he had about 120 copies of this book and gave all to me. I brought them to Poland and want to share with other people. I still have many, but it seems that there is a huge need for this book in Polish and I see that it is possible to buy it from you! That's great!
It would be even better if you could cooperate with Polish publishing companies that they would publish it in Poland because it is so hard to find this book in the online shops.


“Goes straight to the main points”

Excellent book. It could be a real help in witnessing as it treats many points which can arise in conversations


“Great evangelistic book for those seeking”

I read this before committing to Christianity and now involved in evangelistic opportunities. I find it Great give away book to help those genuinely seeking.


“Very clear, well-written and readable evangelistic book”

I gave this as a gift to a friend who was doing the Christianity Explored course with me. She found it very helpful. I read it before giving it to her and found it difficult to put down. Highly recommended.


“Useful book to give to give to Polisg Friends who are searching”

Useful book to give to give to Polisg Friends who are searching

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A Fresh Start (French) | John Chapman | £7.00 £5.95