Christianity Explored DVD (Swedish)

Christianity Explored DVD (Swedish)

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Swedish Edition of the Christianity Explored DVD

Part of the Christianity Explored series.


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Swedish Language Subtitled Edition

This two-disc DVD set includes nearly four hours of material and is filmed on location around the United Kingdom. Each main episode lasts for around 20 minutes and features on-screen Bible text and questions for group discussion. The Exploring Christian Life episodes last for around 10 minutes.

As well as being easy to use, the DVD set also features improved picture quality and a re-mastered soundtrack as well as subtitles, a trailer, a preview and a 40-page guide to using the series.

The DVD is designed to work alongside the books How to run the Course; Study Guide; and Study Guide - Leader's Edition.

With a total running time of nearly four hours and featuring on-screen Bible text, the Christianity Explored DVD Series enables you to run a course if you don't want to deliver talks "live".

In 2004, the Series received an Award of Distinction at the Communicator Awards, an international competition honouring excellence in communications.

Product details


  • Programme listing:
    1: Introduction
    2: Jesus - Who was he?
    3: Jesus - Why did he come?
    4: Jesus - His Death
    5: What is Grace?
    6: Jesus - His Resurrection

  • Exploring Christian Life:
    Programmes 1-4
    - The Church, The Holy Spirit, Prayer, The Bible

  • 7: What is a Christian?
    8: Continuing as a Christian
    9: Choices - King Herod
    10: Choices - James, John & Bartimaeus

  • Total running time: 232 minutes


Contributors Christianity Explored
Format DVD
First published January 2015
Dimensions 135mm x 190mm x 11mm
Weight 0.09 kg
Language Swedish
Pages 2
Publisher Reformedia

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Customer reviews

6 Jun 2012


(Review written for 'Christianity Explored DVD (PAL)')

This book was a blessing to me and feel sure it will bless many.

10 Jul 2010

“Great for new Christians”

(Review written for 'Christianity Explored DVD (PAL)')

A great series to run weekly with new Christians or people interested in finding out about what we believe and why.

7 Jul 2010

“An exceptional outreach tool!”

(Review written for 'Christianity Explored DVD (PAL)')

We've presented the CE curriculum to our congregation as an outreach preparation class, in a private home setting with gender segregated college students, 4 times to the general public (plus another one planned for this September) and we are about to startup a couple-on-couple session.

Each time we presented CE we've seen people commit to Christ.

This is our third purchase of the CE DVD. I guess you could say that we like this material. :)

Thanks Rico!

Fred Hall, Ruling Elder
Pilgrim Church
Philadelphia, USA

9 Jun 2010

“Very good product and allows greater flexibility”

(Review written for 'Christianity Explored DVD (PAL)')

We had previously been using the VHS version - which meant always needing the VHS player and TV - now I can use my laptop on a coffee table! It's better quality - a good purchase!

18 Jun 2009


(Review written for 'Christianity Explored DVD (PAL)')

We have recently used the Christianity Explored DVD course for the first time. We were impressed with the DVD and found it to be engaging, biblically sound, with clear explanations and teaching, but still easy for people of many ages and backgrounds to connect with. It linked in very well with the Chrisitanity Explored study books, and often we would find the issues that came up in Discussion 1 would be addressed and expanded on in the DVD section. Probably the best testimony is that two ladies made commitments to God during our course, and it has helped to clarify issues for other people and confirm them in their faith.

24 May 2009

“A very engaging and effective presentation of Christianity”

(Review written for 'Christianity Explored DVD (PAL)')

The DVD series is being used in an adapted form for a Home Group study on Mark. It is proving to be a valuable resource.

10 Apr 2009

“Excellent resource”

(Review written for 'Christianity Explored DVD (PAL)')

Would highly recommend this resource for using individually or in group settings. Rico Tice has a lovely way of explaining things & although pricey, it was well worth it.

9 Apr 2009

“An ideal source for for introducing people to the fundamentals of the ”

(Review written for 'Christianity Explored DVD (PAL)')

We were looking for material to follow up an Alpha course and looked at this course. I do not want to get into the issues that people have about Alpha but I think that Christianity Explored is ideal in that it covers the key doctrinal matters more thoroughly and, crucially, introduces courses members to Bible study.

25 Nov 2008

“A superb dvd which I would highly recommend ”

(Review written for 'Christianity Explored DVD (PAL)')

Communicating the good news about Jesus is rarely easy, but this course is superb for any group size.

19 Nov 2008


(Review written for 'Christianity Explored DVD (PAL)')

What can I say except that this is fantastic. The content is solid and the settings allow for variation that simply can't be created in a church hall etc. I have been using it with my Bible Study/Adult Confirmation group and it has gone down very well. There is real challenge here and on some evenings we don't use the questions at the end but instead just sit quietly and I pose the questions again for private thought. I look forward to using it in the setting for which it was originally created which is purely evangelistic. Rico puts the content across clearly using humour and compelling arguments accompanied by and enhanced through great visuals. My only worry now, and the folk laughed when I said this, is that they will not want to go back to just me. Of course there is no substitute for the personal touch but using the DVD is a worthwhile option to consider. Go for it folks....I personally highly recommend it.

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