The Busy Christian's Guide to Busyness (ebook)

The Busy Christian's Guide to Busyness ebook

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How to manage your life and not let it manage you. This book will stir and challenge you.

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Do you say 'yes' to requests when really you mean to say 'no'? Do you feel permanently trapped by your 24/7 lifestyle? Do you feel guilty when you look at the size of your email inbox? Do you ever wonder who hit the accelerator?

While offering practical help to busy Christians, Tim Chester also opts for root-and-branch treatment: it's not enough to slow down, or to simplify your lifestyle, you need to deal radically with the things that are driving you.

If you're busy because of the following:

  • 'I need to prove myself'
  • 'Otherwise things get out of control'
  • 'I need the money'
Think again! At the root of our 'slavery' are serious misunderstandings, often reinforced by our culture. If we want to be free, then we need to counteract them with God's word. It's important to manage our time, but it's more important to manage our hearts.

God has promised his rest to all who are weary and burdened (Matthew 11:28). It's up to us to accept it.

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  • 1. Slow down, I want to get off!
    2. Is busy bad?
    3. Use your time efficiently
    4. Sort out your priorities
    5. Glorify God all the time
    6. Getting to the heart of busyness
    7. I'm busy because I need to prove myself
    8. I'm busy because of other people's expectations
    9. I'm busy because otherwise things get out of control
    10. I'm busy because I prefer being under pressure
    11. I'm busy because I need the money
    12. I'm busy because I want to make the most of life


Contributors Tim Chester
ISBN 9781844746606
Format Digital (delivered electronically)
First published January 2014
Language English
Publisher IVP
Customer reviews

Apr 7, 2018

“Great read on work life balance”

This is a great read! Five-star rating! What I like about this book is how practical and applicable it is. There is constant tension in our lives to want to be justified and or valued for our own work. He gets right to the heart issues we all struggle with, in our busyness. This book refreshingly reminds us to trust in God and rest in Him completely by looking at promises from God's word. This book is helpful for not just our time, but also our relationship with God and one another. Tim Chester writes clearly with good relatable examples. I recommend this book for busy moms, businessmen, working Dad's and college students... it's good for everyone!

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