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The Cross of Christ (ebook)

The Cross of Christ ebook

20th Anniversary Edition

from 1 review

John Stott's modern classic on the significance of the cross.

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The universal symbol of the Christian faith is neither a crib nor a manger, but a gruesome cross. Yet many people are unclear about its meaning, and cannot understand why Christ had to die.

In this magisterial and best-selling book, John Stott explains the significance of Christ's cross and answers the objections commonly brought against biblical teaching on the atonement.

First, Dr Stott shows from the four Gospels how Jesus himself understood the cross. Next, he argues that 'Christ in our place' is the heart of its meaning. Then he explains what the cross achieved, and finally he explores what it means to live under the cross.

John Stott's modern classic combines an excellent biblical exposition, and a characteristically thoughtful study of Christian belief, with a searching call to the church to live under the cross.

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  • Foreword by Alister McGrath
  • Preface to the 1986 edition
  • Abbreviations

  • Part One: Approaching the cross
  • The Centrality of the cross
  • Why did Christ die?
  • Looking below the surface

  • Part Two: The heart of the cross
  • The problem of forgiveness
  • Satisfaction for sin
  • The self-substitution of God

  • Part Three: The achievements of the cross
  • The salvation of sinners
  • The revelation of God
  • The conquest of evil

  • Part Four: Living under the cross
  • The community of celebration
  • Self-understanding and self-giving
  • Loving our enemies
  • Suffering and glory

  • Conclusion: The pervasive influence of the cross
  • Bibliography
  • Study guide by David Stone
  • Index of biblical references
  • Author index
  • Subject index


Contributors John Stott
ISBN 9781844746804
Format eBook
First published September 2013
Language English
Pages 464
Publisher IVP

Other information

Known world-wide as a Bible teacher, writer, pastor and mission-leader, John Stott is the author of many books including the best-selling Basic Christianity. He is Rector Emeritus of All Souls, Langham Place, London, and President of the London Institute for Contemporary Christianity.

Customer reviews


“Most helpful book I've read as a Christian”

Jesus' death that takes God's wrath instead of us is the climax of God's plan. This book takes you through the neccessity of the cross, the function of the cross, and living in the light of the cross. It's a long and hard book that took me three goes, and two years, to read. But it's awesome. So helpful and immensely challenging. If you only read one Christian book in your life. Make it this one

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The Cross of Christ (ebook) | John Stott | £16.99