Minizine: Totally Depraved

Minizine: Totally Depraved

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The articles in this MiniZine will help you to get to know your enemy better.

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The less we know God, the less we truly know ourselves.

It is hardly a surprise, then, that as our culture has drifted further and further from God, the idea of 'sin' has also largely disappeared. People these days 'make mistakes' or 'do something stupid' or 'have a brain explosion', but they don't 'sin'.

As Christians, we can't help being affected by this cultural drift. We don't like talking about sin. It sounds so negative and life-denying. We would rather concentrate on the positive aspects of the Christian message.

But as the great Puritan John Owen said, Christians who don't understand the sin that still dwells within them are foolish and self-deceived. "They live and walk as though they intended to go to heaven hood-winked and asleep, as though they had no enemy to deal with."

The articles in this MiniZine will help you to get to know your enemy better.

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  • The very practical doctrine of total depravity
  • Be killing sin or it will be killing you
  • Throw off everything that hinders
  • Discussion guide


ISBN 9781921441578
Format Pamphlet
First published 2009
Dimensions 175mm x 240mm x 2mm
Language English
Pages 16
Publisher Matthias Media

Other information

What is a MiniZine?

It's not a booklet, or a leaflet, or a tract. It's not a full-sized magazine either. It's somewhere in the middle: a short collection of articles, in an economical, easy-to-read format, with a discussion guide included.

The aim is simple: to provide high-quality Bible-based input to help Christians encourage each other.

MiniZines are ideal for giving away, for starting personal conversations, and for small group discussion

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Minizine: Totally Depraved | £1.50 £1.20