Walking With Gay Friends (ebook)

Walking With Gay Friends ebook

A journey of informed compassion

Love your gay friends, while remaining true to the Bible's teaching.

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A vital resource to enable Christians to support fellow believers who struggle with their sexuality in their choice of a biblical lifestyle.

You want to share the gospel with your gay friend, but don't want to appear insensitive. You want to help a fellow Christian struggling with their sexuality, but don't want to get it wrong.

Using real-life stories and biblical teaching, Alex Tylee shows Christians how to love their gay friends with informed compassion. She asks, does God make people gay? Why does is seem more difficult to share the gospel with gay people? What should I do if my friend starts a gay relationship?

By providing answers to these and other questions, Alex helps equip friends, families and the church to reach out.

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Contributors Alex Tylee
ISBN 9781844748471
Format eBook
First published March 2014
Language English
Publisher IVP
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