Biblical wisdom for parents

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With honesty and humour, Ann shows how Proverbs can speak directly into real life, however messy, today.

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'Under that hoodie, behind that eye make-up, there frequently lurks a human being of immense charm, affection and wit.'

Ann Benton admits that, when her children were teenagers, she enjoyed 'the very best of parenting years'. Yet, from her experience and that of others, she is well aware of the frustrations, pitfalls and difficulties that parenting teens can bring.

The Bible book of Proverbs points to wisdom as the key to health, happiness and prosperity. The author points out that the job of parents is not first and foremost to make their teens successful, but to make them wise.

With honesty and humour, Ann shows how Proverbs can speak directly into real life, however messy, today.

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  • Acknowledgements

  • 1. Introduction: The survival handbook
    Are teenagers a subject of their own?
    Where should we look for advice?
    The 'three Rs' of parenting teenagers

  • 2. The faith family and the faithless world
    Our children and God's children
    The distincitves of a Christian home
    Secular child-rearing
    The witness of a Christian family

  • 3. Fools, mockers and simpletons
    Seven vulnerable areas for teenagers
    Vulnerability and opportunity
    What kind of fool?

  • 4. Routes to wisdom
    Route 1: Observation and interpretation
    Route 2: Instruction based on television
    Route 3: Learning from mistakes
    Route 4: The fear of the Lord
    Four things a parent can do

  • 5. Meet the parents
    Fear and her babies
    Guilt and her babies
    Why does it sometimes have to be so hard?

  • 6. Key strategies
    Key strategy 1: Screen the messages
    Key strategy 2: Strengthen the relationship
    Key strategy 3: Spotlight the heart
    Key strategy 4: Shape dependence on God

  • 7. When dream turns to nightmare
    There doesn't have to be a reason
    The smorgasbord of emotion - do you have a choice
    Love's austere and lonely offices
    Some temptations to handle
    What about the future?

  • 8. More than survival

  • Appendix: For further reading


Contributors Ann Benton
ISBN 9781844743544
Format Paperback
First published February 2009
Dimensions 138mm x 216mm x 14mm
Weight 0.25 kg
Print size 10.0pt
Language English
Pages 182
Publisher IVP
Customer reviews

15 Apr 2010

“great guuide for parents with teenagers”

great to read a book based on an English view point, rather than American as other books are. Easy to read and understand and great questions at the end of each section for further thinking and exploration

29 Jun 2009

“Excellent advise to parents.”

It is so lovely for someone to identify what the bible has to say about our children. It was helpful to have examples. I love Ann Benton's style. I would recommend it any day.

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Teenagers | Ann Benton |
£9.99 £7.68