Just Sex (ebook)

Just Sex ebook

Is it ever just sex?

Tackles head-on the spurious moral marker of 'between consenting adults' for legitimate sexual relationships.

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People today are hopelessly confused about sex. On the one hand, it is meant to be something special. On the other, it is casually dismissed as trivial - merely or 'just' sex.

Sex has also become a big issue for Christians. Faced with a barrage of messages from a sexually permissive environment and lacking a clear rationale for biblical teaching, many Christians are unsure of what they think. This book encourages us to consider whether the impact of our sexual relationships on others around us is fair, or just.

With conviction and pastoral sensitivity, Guy Brandon explains the strength and integrity of the Christian world-view of sex. In doing so, he also addresses the inconsistency and inadequacy of the prevailing idea that consent alone is enough to sanction a sexual relationship. Demonstrating the damage created by this approach he offers a better, more just way, which brings with it the promise of God's shalom.

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  • Foreword
    1. Relational perspectives: seeing the world differently
    2. Relational foundations: is sex my choice, or everyone's business?
    3. Relational opportunities: intimacy without eros
    4. Relational order: guidelines for a flourishing society
    5. Relational damage: how sex outside of marriage disrupts community
    6. Relational churches: Christian approaches to building community
    7. Relational public policy: transforming the culture
    8. Relational sex: seeing the consequences of 'my' sexual choices
    Appendix: Sex in the Bible: twenty questions answered


Contributors Guy Brandon
ISBN 9781844747467
Format eBook
Language English
Publisher IVP

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"I doubt I will read a more important or impressive book this year"
- Richard Cunningham, UCCF-The Christian Unions

"Guy Brandon goes well beyond the usual truisms and provides a well-argued case for a societal, as well as an individual, change of heart and mind."
- Ann Holt, Bible Society

"... an important intervention at a time when it is appropriate to reconsider national values and priorities."
- Michael Nazir-Ali, Bishop of Rochester

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