One-to-One Bible Reading

A simple guide for every Christian

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A short book on the what, why and how of reading the Bible with another person.

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A short, simple and accessible introduction to reading the Bible one-to-one which will help every Christian to gain confidence and skills in reading the Bible with others.

It also provides two easy, low-key methods for reading the Bible with another person.

"One to one Bible reading is vital for effective and vibrant gospel ministry. This simple guide to an essential ministry is a magnificent resource that will be useful for training all Christians in ministry. There is little else like it. We shall use it extensively at St Helen's."
- William Taylor, Rector, St Helen's Bishopsgate, London

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  • 1. Some people you know
  • 2. Why read one-to-one?
  • 3. Who is it for?
  • 4. How do I get started?
  • 5. What should a typical meeting look like?
  • 6. Preparation
  • 7. A personal experience
  • 1. Two simple frameworks for Bible reading
  • 2. Books of the Bible for different situations
  • 3. Help with reading different biblical genres
  • 4. Eight weeks through Mark’s Gospel
  • Appendix 1: Published resources for one-to-one Bible reading
  • Appendix 2: Sheets for copying

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Author David Helm
ISBN 9781921441981
Format Paperback
First published May 2011
Dimensions 128mm x 198mm x 9mm
Print size 10pt
Language English
Pages 112
Publisher Matthias Media
Independent reviews

One-to-One Bible Reading

Tim Challies,, June 3rd 2014

One-to-One Bible Reading is a short and inexpensive book, but one that accomplishes its purpose well. It’s just the kind of book you can buy in bulk and distribute within your church. Buy it, read it, and implement it!... continue reading

Customer reviews


“One to One Bible Reading”

Do you ever seem to fall into a deep sleepy coma when you read the bible? Do you find it difficult to concentrate? Do you find it difficult to navigate through a passage of scripture? Have you ever asked – what is this all about? How can it possibly help me today in my situation?
Do you want your church family to grow numerically and in spiritual maturity? Studies have shown that the biggest factor for Church growth is to get Christians reading their bibles and to help them help others to read their bibles.
David Helm encourages us to listen and to share what God is saying through His word, by the power of the Holy Spirit.
Part 1 of the book helps us to see how easy and flexible reading the Bible One to One can be. Helm doesn’t overcomplicate the process. He simply encourages people to read the bible with Christians to help them with their discipleship, or to read it with people who are not yet believes – to share the gospel with them in a way that is appropriate for them.
In Part 2 Helm has written a short, clear and practical guide to make sure you don’t fall into a bible coma when you read it. He wants you to enjoy feeding on God’s word and enjoy helping others to feed on it with you. He explains the COMA method of reading the bible; Context, Observation, Meaning, Application.
In the final chapters Helm gives some helpful bible reading programs and expands on the COMA method for different books of the bible, e.g. Old Testament Narrative, Poetry, Gospels, New Testament letters. These tools have been a great help in my discipleship and the discipleship of our church to follow Jesus.


“Great starting point”

Want to encourage others to develop a passion for reading God's Word and hearing from him? This is a good place to start. Its NOT small group BIble Study. its to teach 2 or 3 others how to hear from God. We have started with a small group of 2 and have the vision that it will grow and duplicate many times. I suspect we will soon outgrow the book but it is great for getting started and a wonderful investment in others.


“Loved it but I spotted another gaffe”

This is a great practical little book for anyone who has a desire to read the Bible one-to-one with believers and unbelievers alike.

I noticed a gaffe at location 579 (I have the Kindle version). It says,

"There are 12 minor prophets from Joel through to Malachi."

If my maths are right Joel through to Malachi is only 11 minor prophets.

Hopefully it will read, "Hosea through to Malachi" in the next edition.


“A much needed message today”

I think that one-to-one bible reading has vast potential in both evangelism and discipleship today. In discipleship as it gets to core issues in a persons life. In evangelism as so many people are not willing to come to church but are willing to meet with a friend. Also it is a way for all Gods people to get involved in 'vine' work. I am only starting out and this book really helped me think it through and gave me some good ideas to get started.


“Inspiring and useful”

This book is a very useful and concise guide to one to one Bible study. It offers practical ideas and shows how initiating this kind of study is within the reach of any Christian.


“From the Publisher: Clarification”

We're always grateful when readers point out typos or mistakes in our resources so that we can fix them up in the second printing. Some eagle-eyed readers of One-to-One Bible Reading have pointed out a gaffe on page 61 that is worth saying something about briefly. A sentence on that page reads: "The epistles are first- and second-century letters, all written in Greek".

For those who know about these things, this sounds like a pretty liberal view of the composition of Scripture-suggesting that some of the New Testament epistles weren't written until the second century (i.e. after the lifetime of the apostles). Just to reassure you that we haven't started to go wobbly, this is not the view of David Helm (the author) nor of our editors here at Matthias Media. We're all convinced that the epistles were written in the first century!

How the 'second-century' reference got there in the first place, we're not entirely sure. Dave Helm thinks it might have been a slip of his pen due to the academic context at the University of Chicago in which he ministers. And how the phrase got all the way through our editorial process without someone noticing it, I also cannot explain. (Well, I can. We messed up!)

Needless to say, we will fix this in our second printing.

Tony Payne
Publishing Director

PS This site wouldn't let me post this clarification without giving the book a rating. I'd prefer not to do that, because I am of course quite biased. But it was required, so naturally, I rated it at 5 stars.

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One-to-One Bible Reading | David Helm | £5.99 £4.79