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Preparing Just for Starters

Preparing Just for Starters

How to prepare and use Just for Starters

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Everything you need in order to learn how to use Just for Starters

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How to prepare and use Just for Starters

Preparing Just for Starters is a self-paced training course with a difference. This workbook, and the two audio CDs that accompany it, contain everything you need in order to learn how to use Just for Starters, a set of Bible studies which have been used for more than 25 years to follow-up new Christians and establish them in the basics of the faith. Setting your own schedule, you will be introduced to the Just for Starters studies, the part they can play in personal follow-up, and be led step-by-step through each of the seven studies.

Whether you have used Just for Starters before or are new to personal follow-up, this course will give you a deeper understanding of the Just for Starters studies and greater confidence in using them.

Booklet & two audio CDs

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  • 1. Getting started
  • 2. Course outline
  • 3. About personal follow-up
  • 4. About Just for Starters
  • 5.1 Preparing Study 1: Saved by God
  • 5.2 Preparing Study 2: Trusting in God
  • 5.3 Preparing Study 3: Living God's Way
  • 5.4 Preparing Study 4: Listening to God
  • 5.5 Preparing Study 5: Talking to God
  • 5.6 Preparing Study 6: Meeting with God's family
  • 5.7 Preparing Study 7: Meeting the world
  • Appendix A: Questionnaire
  • Appendix B: Recommended books


Contributors Tony Payne
ISBN 9781876326913
Format Paperback
First published February 2005
Dimensions 148mm x 210mm x 3mm
Print size 9pt
Language English
Pages 82
Publisher Matthias Media
Customer reviews


“excellant company”

Advice was spot on . Delivery was very quick. Very easy to get exactly what we needed for our new Christians.
Highly recomended *****


“Brilliant resource and leaders guide”

Found this so very helpful. I like the way Tony takes you through the theology of the passage first and shows you what you can emphasise. I found it a real joy just refreshing myself on the good news of the grace of God, let alone preparing to help young Christians. Like the other commentator, I too found it more helpful to copy the CDs onto my computer before listening to them. This is a brilliant introduction to the Christian faith and a great step-by-step way to explain the glories of the Gospel to a new christian and to show what are the first steps in being a disciple of Jesus.


“Really prepared me to lead the sessions well”

Having never used Just for Starters before, the leader's guide was very helpful. It consists of the exact same study as the ordinary booklet, but with loads of space for extra notes and lots of extra cross-references for each question, if you need them. The key thing, though, is a series of audio talks on two CDs by Tony Payne, covering introductory matters and then each for the seven sessions. I found it best to copy them first to computer.
Tony speaks very clearly, teaching you the background to the matters taught in the session so that you are confident you have a good grasp, beyond just the study questions. He then takes you through the study itself, so at least you know you've got the answers right!
I haven't come across this concept as a study guide before and found it really helpful to take notes on what he said to add to my own notes.

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Preparing Just for Starters | Tony Payne | £12.00 £9.60