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Encounters with Jesus

Encounters with Jesus

Unexpected Answers to Life's Biggest Questions

Timothy Keller explores Jesus' answers to life's biggest questions.

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What is my purpose in life? Who am I meant to be? How can I live a successful life? Why is there so much wrong with our world today? Am I part of the problem? What can I do to help change that? These are the big, seemingly unanswerable questions that everyone must ask and then answer in life.

Those who offer answers to these questions normally invite people to "get dumber" - to distract themselves, convince themselves of something they don't really believe, or blame others. Yet as Timothy Keller shows us in this groundbreaking book, Jesus invites people to "get smarter" - to thoughtfully explore the deep reality of God's purposes for us and for the world.

Jesus changed the lives of nearly every person he met in the Gospels. These were powerful experiences that can have a profound effect on us today and help explain not only different aspects of Christianity, but the deep questions of life itself. Timothy Keller highlights ten of these encounters, including his meeting a skeptical student, a religious insider, an outcast, even Satan himself, and proves how invaluable the lessons from these encounters are for contemporary readers.

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  • Introduction

  • The Skeptical Student

  • The Insider and the Outcast

  • The Grieving Sisters

  • The Wedding Party

  • The First Christian

  • The Great Enemy

  • The Two Advocates

  • The Obedient Master

  • The Right Hand of the Father

  • The Courage of Mary

  • Acknowledgements

  • Notes


Contributors Timothy Keller
ISBN 9781444754162
Format Paperback
First published September 2015
Dimensions 126mm x 197mm x 14mm
Weight 0.17 kg
Language English
Pages 213
Publisher Hodder & Stoughton
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Encounters with Jesus | Timothy Keller |
£10.99 £8.57