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Boom Chicka Boom CD

Boom Chicka Boom CD

16 New Memory Verses!

from 20 reviews

A bunch of brand new memory verses to get young and old alike singing the Word of God together!

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A bunch of brand new memory verses to get young and old alike singing the Word of God together! Like all Colin's resources, this is firmly set in scriptural truth and absolutely awesome to listen to and very addictive. Highly recommended by all the staff here.

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Age range: 4 - 9
Contributors Colin Buchanan
ISBN 0705105238098
Format CD-Audio
First published June 2010
Dimensions 140mm x 125mm x 10mm
Language English
Publisher Wanaaring Road Music
Customer reviews


“Great range of songs for all ages”

(Review written for 'God Rock CD')

One of my favourite Colin CDs! There is an incredible musical range (so something there for everyone) with an astute observation of society and people (survival man, TV chefs, bikers, etc.) and some catchy tunes. Our boys (3.5 and 1.5) put it on very loud and run round shouting "God rock!" They love it, although it is aimed at older children. We thank God for Colin!



(Review written for 'God Rock CD')

Really easy to sing along to. Great lyrics.


“Great buy!”

(Review written for 'God Rock CD')

A great CD for the whole family to sing along to in the car!


“Great music, great theology”

(Review written for 'God Rock CD')

We think 'God Rock' is the best Colin album. My wife and I enjoy listening to this one most. Our kids (4 and 3) have their favourite Colin songs on it. (Although, musically it is aimed at older children).
We love the two songs about God's Sovereignty (God sits in the highest place / God never says 'Oops') and the two songs about the Trinity (Rev Master-T's Trinity Mashmix / God United). Colossians 3:16 in action.


“I would recommend to a friend! ”

Lovely to sing along to bible verses with the children, catch tunes so you find yourself singing the verses most of the day which is up lifting. Some of the tracks I don't like as you cant hear the words very well but most of them are great and there are a lot!!


“Nothing Better”

(Review written for 'God Rock CD')

There is Nothing better than a good sing in the car or kitchen than with Colin Buchanan helping you lift your eyes and heart up with the faith of a 3 yr old which is how our love for Jesus should be. God Rock is just another example of Colin's talent but much more so his love for Jesus and he inspires me to do the same. My 3 yr old amazed my 86 yr old auntie by knowing all the fruits of the spirit galatian's chapter 5 ver se 22 and 23..... The fruit of the spirit is .............. Age is no barrier to Colin's worship cds. Buy this and listen to it ....its amazing when it comes in handy in your day to day living!!



(Review written for 'God Rock CD')

My children have grown up listening to Colins music, and once again he has not disappointed, we Love this cd - even though they are a lot older we still love to play his childrens cd's in the car. Another great job Colin. God bless you


“Fantastic funky kids praise”

My kids and my nieces and nephews amongst others have loved this album ( and a lot of other Colin stuff!) the music is great and the content amazing. You'll be singing along in no time!!


“Excellent teaching and fun music”

Our children really liked this CD right from the start, and we love it too - memorable tunes packed with great words and ideas. Great job!


“Another Colin classic!”

This is our third or fourth album from Colin. Like the others it is a real hit with the entire family. Our 3 and 6 year olds love it and constantly demand it in the car, but us parents really like it too. He has a real gift of communicating Biblical truths in a catchy, zany way without compromising the music. If you don't yet have any Colin Buchanan albums for your family then this is as good a place as any to start. I would put it equal to Super Saviour and slightly above 10, 9, 8....

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Boom Chicka Boom CD | Colin Buchanan | £7.99 £6.79