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John Stott (ebook)

John Stott ebook

A portrait by his friends

Thirty-five of John's friends open their hearts and share memories of a unique man and a truly special friend.

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Thirty-five of John's friends open their hearts and share memories of a unique man, creating an art gallery of very personal portraits by friends and colleagues from around the globe. This tribute contains a rich bank of memories, representing a key period in British evangelicalism.

Many brush strokes, one portrait.

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  • Preface
  • Early years
  • 1. The loving uncle, Caroline Bowerman
  • 2. The wedding sermon, Michael Green
  • 3. The compulsive worker, but a rare spelling mistake, John Eddison
  • 4. The young defender of the faith, Oliver Barclay
  • 5. ‘Please do not disturb unless urgent’, Myra Chave-Jones
  • 6. ‘It takes just seven and a half minutes’, Timothy Dudley-Smith
  • 7. Helpless with laughter at The Hookses, Dick Lucas
  • All Souls and the wider Church of England
  • 8. ‘I would not wish to have had any other calling’, Frances Whitehead
  • 9. A curate in need of restraint, Ted Schroder
  • 10. ‘I have got my sins, you have got yours. Now let’s all get to bed.’, John Smith
  • 11. ‘I want you to take over from me at All Souls’, Michael Baughen
  • 12. ‘Nothing can go wrong; John Stott is here’, Richard Bewes
  • 13. ‘Dragged screaming into the modern world’, David Turner
  • International influence
  • 14. Reaching out to touch the ends of the earth for God, Marcus Loane
  • 15. The prolific author and his midwife, Frank Entwistle
  • 16. A double portion of language skills, Keith and Gladys Hunt
  • 17. Mentor and model to emerging younger leaders, Ajith Fernando
  • 18. On the road with John Stott, Samuel Escobar
  • 19. ‘Jesus told us to wash one another’s feet; I can clean your shoes’, René Padilla
  • 20. Breakfast by appointment at the Stottery, David Gitari
  • 21. God’s bright-tied angel of protection, Michael Nazir-Ali
  • 22. A modern-day church father, Peter Kuzmic
  • 23. The founding of John Stott Ministries in the USA, Dee Dee Mclean
  • 24. The boy with the disappearing eyes, David Jones
  • 25. The Langham Partnership is born, Chris Wright
  • Wider interests
  • 26. Birding before dawn around the world, Peter Harris
  • 27. The call of the loon, Mark Hunt
  • 28. Salt and light in the world of the arts and media, Nigel Goodwin
  • 29. The London Institute – founded by ‘that funny man in the floppy hat’, Andrew Kirk
  • 30. Welcoming a revolution in music, Noel Tredinnick
  • The study assistants
  • 31. The sermon on a carpet, Mark Labberton
  • 32. Ice cream and chocolate sauce, Toby Howarth
  • 33. ‘Above all, cling to the cross’, Corey Widmer
  • 34. ‘Watch out! I used to be a boxer!’, Matthew Smith
  • The final lap
  • 35. ‘I have a living hope of a yet more glorious life beyond death’, John Wyatt
  • Epilogue, Chris Wright


Contributors Christopher Wright
ISBN 9781844747405
Format eBook
Language English
Pages 224
Publisher IVP
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John Stott (ebook) | Christopher Wright | £12.99 £10.39