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The latest chapter of an inspirational life

Digging Ditches is the latest chapter from Dr Helen Roseveare's inspirational life.

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Doctor Helen Roseveare, affectionately called Mama Luka, pioneered vital medical work in the Rain forests of the Belgian Congo - now the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Throughout her eight years in training for the mission field and her first twelve years in Congo Helen Roseveare had prayed that God would giver her a mountain top experience of his glory and power. However, after enduring civil war and having to start from the beginning again, and later when caring for her elderly mother, she realised that God's work is done in the valleys.

He gives us the valleys and we are to dig the ditches (2 Kings 3: 16), trusting that they will be filled with life-giving water at the appropriate time.
This is an inspiring story because it shows those times when God's blessings seem withdrawn - they are subsequently shown to have been there all the time.
If you have ever experienced times when God's call on your life seems remote, or you are encountering trials and problems, you will find refreshment from Helen's pen. She shows how 'trusting in the Lord' can be a gritty, rewarding drama rather than a wispy platitude.

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  • Prologue
  • 1. Digging a Ditch at the Missionary Training College
  • 2. Digging a Ditch on the Deputation Trail
  • 3. Digging Ditches in Preparing Messages and Building up Relationships
  • 4. Digging Ditches in Australasia and in Dealing with Hurts
  • 5. Digging More Ditches in Australasia and Dealing with Suffering
  • 6. Digging Ditches Amongst UK Schoolgirls
  • 7. Digging Ditches in the Slough of Despond
  • 8. Digging Ditches Hither and Thither
  • 9. Digging Ditches - a Renewed Emphasis
  • 10. Digging Ditches in Various New Situations
  • 12. Digging Ditches from East to West, from North to South
  • 13. Still Digging Ditches - Not yet a Suez Canal!
  • 14. A Return Home - Will this be the start of another Ditch?
  • Epilogue


Author Helen Roseveare
ISBN 9781845509309
Format eBook
First published January 2014
Language English
Publisher Christian Focus
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Digging Ditches (ebook) | Helen Roseveare | £5.50 £4.40