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Awesome on the Inside

How to be changed by God from the inside out!

Written to help teenagers of the 21st century, explore the Bible to discover the big things that God wants from them.

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'Image is everything' say the adverts - and we believe them. But God wants to do something amazing with each one of us. He wants to break through the shallowness of looks and image, and change us deep down - in our hearts. He wants us to grow to our full potential by making us 'Awesome on the Inside'.

How can you grow to become the person that you were destined to be? How can you achieve your full potential? Written for teenagers of the 21st century, Tim Hawkins explores the Bible so that you can discover the big things that God wants you to do with your life.

In this book you will discover how the Bible shows we can grow...
- a heart that is powerful
- a heart that is prayerful
- a heart that is passionate
- a heart that is pure
- a heart that is positive

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  • Section 1. A heart that is powerful
  • 1. The problem of just 'looking good'
  • 2. The inside is more important
  • 3. All change starts from the inside
  • 4. The inside always comes out
  • 5. The three principles in action
  • Section 2. A heart that is prayerful
  • 6. The problem of feeling powerless
  • 7. The power of prayer - James
  • 8. The power of prayer - Elijah...and you!
  • Section 3. A heart that is passionate
  • 9. The passion principle
  • 10. Four steps to a passionate heart
  • Section 4. A heart that is Pure
  • 11. Stop scoring goals for the opposition
  • 12. Joseph and the desperate housewife
  • 13. Four safety barriers to protect your heart
  • 14. The problem of hanging around
  • Section 5. A heart that is positive
  • 15. Three steps to a negative heart
  • 16. Three steps to a positive heart
  • Section 6. A heart that is pumping
  • 17. Stay where the action is
  • 18. A spirit-filled heart
  • 19. How to tap into God's power
  • 20. A brand new heart
  • 21. A new beginning
  • Acknowledgments

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Age range: 13 - 23
Contributors Tim Hawkins
ISBN 9781908317810
Format Paperback
First published March 2012
Dimensions 129mm x 198mm x 12mm
Language English
Pages 144
Publisher The Good Book Company

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Awesome on the Inside | Tim Hawkins | £7.99 £6.79