What kind of God

What kind of God

Responding to 10 popular accusations

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Ten warm and honest responses to common questions about God.

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This book started life as a series of lunchtime talks to non-Christians, and the author has taken on board further questions and discussions along the way. Here is an attempt to answer real, and often difficult, questions honestly.

'Most of the questions I get asked are about God himself, and not so much about his existence as his character,' explains Michael Ots. 'What kind of God is he? How can he be good when he authorizes war, allows suffering, represses our sexuality, punishes his own Son, and excludes people on the basis of their beliefs, condemning them to hell?'

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  • Introduction
  • 1 Distant, uninterested and silent?
  • What kind of God doesn’t make himself clearer?
  • 2 Outdated, out of touch and old-fashioned?
  • What kind of God is still relevant?
  • 3 Rape, child abuse and Aids
  • What kind of God doesn’t prevent suffering?
  • 4 Carbon footprints, global warming and climate change
  • What kind of God doesn’t care about his creation?
  • 5 Crusades, inquisitions and car bombs
  • What kind of God allows violence in his name?
  • 6 Hypocritical, divided and judgmental
  • What kind of God lets the church represent him?
  • 7 Petty, intolerant and exclusive?
  • What kind of God allows only one way?
  • 8 Repressive, restrictive and restraining?
  • What kind of God would limit my sexuality?
  • 9 Condemning, unjust and arbitrary?
  • What kind of God sends sincere people to hell?
  • 10 ‘Vicious, sadomasochistic and repellent’?
  • What kind of God would send his Son to die?
  • 11 Awesome, loving and amazingly gracious
  • What kind of person would reject a God so good?
  • 12 Over to you now


Author Michael Ots
ISBN 9781783594108
Format Paperback
First published 2011
Dimensions 138mm x 216mm x 11mm
Language English
Pages 160
Publisher IVP
Independent reviews

Feast of Apologetics

Richard McCord, Evangelicals Now, July 1st 2017

My favourite chapter concerns the relevance of God and majors on the claims of Christ. By quoting C.S. Lewis Ots shows that the one thing Christianity cannot be is ‘moderately important’. The claims of Christ cannot be anything close to a ‘maybe/maybe not’, a clear nod to agnostics. Indeed the call for more ‘extremism’ in following Christ’s (love your enemy) example is both a reiteration and a wonderful response to the big political question of our day. What Kind of God? is something of an apologetics illustration feast, replete with anecdotes and explanations that are infinitely reusable. As an introduction to personal apologetics this is a very helpful reference to answer questions that people are really asking.... continue reading

Customer reviews

“One long non sequetur”

Paraphrased answers to the questions posed above are: ‘God, in his justice, is perfectly fair in punishing our sin, but, in his love, he is patient with us, and thus every day the world continues is a sign of his patience’, ‘just like ourselves God does not tolerate the evil that is inherent in us and demands justice – it would be evil of God not to judge and punish us for our sins’ and ‘when it comes to sex, it is because it is good and precious that God places restrictions on it’ (and what I found most laughable as a ‘Christianity isn’t a homophobic religion, honest’ defence: ‘there is a difference between the orientation and the act’).


“Certainly has the WOW factor”

This is the sort of book, all Christians should read. It challenges your perception of your faith. Are you comfortable with your faith ? Read this book, it will get you thinking.


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What kind of God | Michael Ots | £8.99 £7.19