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Hope Beyond Cure

Hope Beyond Cure

from 2 reviews

A personal and inspiring account of wrestling with faith and finding hope following a terminal cancer diagnosis.

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“Two devastating words left me feeling hopeless and lost. Tumour and incurable.”

So begins David McDonald’s desperate search for hope through the unflinching gaze of his terminal cancer diagnosis. His dreams shattered, his family distraught, his body wracked by chemotherapy and his faith severely tested, this Christian pastor went back to the Bible to find out for certain: Is God there? Does he care? When there is no cure, does God still offer hope?

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  • Introduction
  • 1. Hopeless
  • 2. Shattered dreams
  • 3. Searching for hope
  • 4. Faith
  • 5. Hope
  • 6. Love
  • 7. Now
  • Afterword


Contributors David McDonald
ISBN 9781925424218
Format Paperback
First published March 2014
Dimensions 128mm x 198mm x 5mm
Language English
Pages 96
Publisher Matthias Media

Stephen Larkham

Head Coach, Brumbies Super Rugby Team, Canberra

It’s been more than ten years since David McDonald became the Brumbies’ team chaplain. In my early years as a player I didn’t speak to Dave much. Religion wasn’t something I needed in order to be a good player. I know now I was very naïve, not necessarily about the religion part but about what Dave actually offered to the team. Since retiring from playing and becoming a coach, I’ve spoken to Dave more and more often. He sits in the background not as a crazy stalker, but as a passionate supporter. He’s a good listener and down to earth. He’s not like your typical chaplain—I don’t want to offend your typical chaplain, but he’s not.
Dave was admitted to hospital in the first week of December 2011, one week after my mum passed away. She had been diagnosed with stage-4 bowel cancer just six weeks earlier, and given no hope of cure. During those six weeks after her diagnosis, I battled a huge amount of anxiety and spent many sleepless nights. When I wasn’t at the hospital, I spent all my time trying to find something that would fix Mum.
As I read Dave’s book for the first time, I had to compose myself and dry my eyes on many occasions. I had only ever seen cancer from one side, and I realized I wasn’t looking for a fix for Mum—I was looking for hope. I have found this hope in Dave’s book, and in Dave himself.

Marcus Reeves

Senior Pastor, Crossroads Christian Church, Canberra

Can anything good come out of cancer? I have watched David McDonald deal with the most significant and unwanted challenge of his life. In these pages he opens his heart about the journey this has taken him on. It’s raw, it’s real, and yet Dave manages to bring into light the surprising power of this thing called hope—true hope. I have seen God at work in his life and I can honestly say my friend is more hope-filled than I can ever remember. His journey shows us why, and his story will speak to all of us.

Independent reviews

Hope Beyond Cure

Tim Challies,, May 20th 2014

As Christians, we have nothing better to offer than what the Bible tells us and no better hope than the hope it describes—a hope beyond cure. Here is a book that offers deep answers to deep questions, all the while tempered by deep wells of experience. It is powerful, it is helpful, and it comes highly recommended.... continue reading

Customer reviews


“True hope in times of great pain and suffering”

Wherever we turn people are affected by cancer and chronic disease. At times we might not know what to say, how to encourage them, what fears and worries they have. Dave shares his heart in this book in a way that we can learn to understand a little bit more of what everyday life is like, but most importantly reminding us that the most important thing to every person is the gospel: our true hope beyond cure.
Read it, equip yourself to share hope in these difficult situations and give a copy to someone you know. The simple gospel explanation calls for a response and the last chapter drives everyone to make that decision.
I pray that many might come to know the Lord through this book.


“Ideal for giving to a non-Christian friend”

I read this as preparation for a sermon I was giving on 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18 which talks about the hope that Christians can have in the face of death. David is a real-life example of that hope. His book is brutally honest and the first chapters dealing with the news of his terminal illness are shocking as he describes how he felt in the weeks and months after hearing that he only had months to live. But this makes his exploration of the Bible's message of hope all the more compelling and wonderful by contrast. I found this book extremely encouraging and I think it would be ideal to give to a non-Christian friend, whether or not they are facing a life-threatening illness.

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Hope Beyond Cure | David McDonald | £8.99 £7.19