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Guidance and the Voice of God

God's Living Word Will Show You Where to Go

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Guidance and the Voice of God addresses the question: How does one know God's will?

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- How do I know what God wants me to do?
- How can I make decisions which are in line with His will?
- If God speaks to me, will I recognise his voice?

These are important questions, and many Christians grapple with them. Guidance and the Voice of God charts a way through these often confusing issues, and shows how for those who have ears to hear, God is still speaking loudly through His Son.

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  • Preface
  • 1 A first word
  • Part I: The Grand Design
  • 2 O thou Great Jehovah
  • 3 Where to, Moses?
  • 4 Right responses
  • 5 Misunderstandings
  • 6 Wrong responses
  • Part II: How does God guide?
  • 7 How does God guide?
  • 8 God's work and our decisions?
  • Part III: Case studies
  • 9 Church
  • 10 Work
  • 11 Marriage
  • 12 A final word

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Contributors Phillip Jensen, Tony Payne
ISBN 9781925424546
Format Paperback
First published January 2004
Dimensions 127mm x 197mm x 11mm
Print size 10pt
Language English
Pages 178
Publisher Matthias Media
Independent reviews

Guidance and the Voice of God

Greg Gilbert, 9Marks, February 3rd 2002

Phillip Jensen and Tony Payne, in their book Guidance and the Voice of God, set out to show us that to approach life and decisions in that way is a most confusing way to live our lives, and in fact not at all worthy of a people who claim to serve a God who speaks clearly and forcefully into the world.... continue reading

Guidance and the Voice of God

Tim Challies,, January 21st 2007

Guidance and the Voice of God is well-written and easy to understand, even for a young believer. The authors provide godly wisdom and what they share will surely allow many Christians to escape the snares inherent in thinking that we can miss out on God’s will simply by laboring over decisions, but making wrong ones.... continue reading

Customer reviews


“So good I bought 5 copies”

As a believer for over 35 years, I've read lots of books and heard many talks on guidance. This book helped sort out a lot of the grey areas around guidance and is a biblical remedy to the conundrum that guidance often seems to bring. So good I bought 5 copies for friends.



I continually recommend this book as it deals with common misconceptions on seeking God's will. Rather than fearing making the wrong decision, it is liberating to make decisions based on biblical principles and committing to serve God in whatever situation you are in.


“Easy to read - useful book”

We used this book as one of our monthly book club reads and it got a resounding thumbs-up from the readers. An easy read, but clear on the Bible as the primary source of God's guidance today. Though not discounting other avenues of guidance such as dreams, visions, fellow believers etc. the primacy of the Bible was stressed. Debate as to the degree of interest of God in the nitty-gritty of life - guidance as to who to marry, what work to do etc highlighted the level of dependency upon God of the authors and readers. Those who have been in the mission field held that God is intensely interested in such areas of life and guides accordingly.Those more self-sufficient go with the authors that God isn't much interested and were He to be so would be a diminution of our free will. A book worth reading, engaging and gets you thinking and trusting that God will and does guide - though we don't always welcome or embrace that guidance.


“recommended provocative, good & encouraging read”

The Guidance and the Voice of God - by Phillip D Jensen & Tony Payne

This was a nice easy read over just a few hours. As an update from the original I haven't seen, I would recommend all Christians should read this, particularly those seeking His path in their lives and those who have long been faithful and wondering what's next or if this is as good as it gets.

When I opened the book, I thought the beginning was simply repeating all we know and ironically I reached page 40 the writer confirmed just that. This was the point at which I thought we are of like minds and it bears staying with. From thereon it just got better.

Divided into three parts the first lays the foundations for the book and relies on a faithful reader who believes rightly that the Bible is the inspired Word of God.
The second part then looks at the right and pitfall responses to His Word in both Biblical history and today.
The Third part deals Gods guidance to the world and us in the critical areas of Church, Work & Marriage. It doesn't pull any punches when exploring these subjects. This is the meat of the book and for me the most useful part with many applications to other areas or struggling to live a Christian life.

There were many areas of reassurance and I was gladdened when I read on page 128 the personal verse given to me at the start of my ministry - Hebrews 10:24&25 'encourage one another and help them to do good’, which I have kept close to my heart, ever since. Throughout the book the authors have a nice habit of summarising the text so far and this helps collectively to put the overall message of the book into context.

Here you may expect me to spill the beans and tell you the ending message but other than, to say it wasn't the butler - it was Jesus who did it! - you just need to buy and read it for yourself.
If not for yourself, why not buy a copy for someone in your family or Christian brother or sister.

Do not expect a thank you from those gifted this book and that don't put the Bible, Jesus and God as the centre of everything - I am sure it will ruffle a few temperaments and hopefully draw them into the light.

Yes, this is very much recommended provocative, good & encouraging read.



My husband and I read this book together. We found it easy to read, full of encouragements to faith and the use of common sense and has reassured us about reading our bibles and trusting the good shepherd to lead his sheep!


“Enormously helpful, recommend to anyone seeking God's will”

What is God's will for my life? How should I discern his voice and respond? What is God's plan for us? How do we find it? How does he communicate it to us? How do we hear his voice? Is God concerned with the trivial details of life (such as what sort of car we buy), or is he only interested in the 'big' decisions like marriage and career? What if I should step outside God's will for my life?

The good news, God does have a plan, He promises to guide us, and we have a part to play. This is what the book explains.

The writers then go on to apply the principles they explain in the book to the Church, Work and Marriage.

I found the book to be enormously helpful and very easy to read, and I recommend it to everyone who wants to understand God's plan for them.


“different approach”

I thought this book was quite well laid out and clearly written. It sets out to demystify the concept of (divine) guidance. In my opinion it succeeds in this, as the authors encourage us to use God's s revealed moral guidelines and common sense to make decisions. However we may perhaps be left slightly disappointed as we do often prefer to wait for a clear sign (even though we rarely get them and interpreting 'signs' is far from obvious) as to what to do. The authors point out that this way of thinking about guidance (which is biblical according to their interpretations) takes away some of the unnecessary anxiety with which Christians might approach key decisions in their lives, as if their is only one right way to go, and if they choose wrongly, then have moved out of God's reach. Instead the writers emphasise that some choices may have more than one right response and God just wants us to do the right thing by the right principles with the right attitude.


“Makes your life less stressful!”

I found this book really helpful in understanding that many times when you are making decisions and wondering which choice is "God's will," the answer is quite easy if you just consider what the Bible says. If you have the desire for your will to be in line with God's will, it often turns out to be pretty clear and obvious figuring out what the right decisions are. It also addresses a common misconception that if you make the "wrong" decision, your bad choice might mess up God's plan! Understanding that this is not the case really helps makes decision-making (and your life) much less stressful!


“a must read”

this book is absolutely brilliant. I read it when feeling bogged down by finding 'God's perfect will' for my future. I wanted it to tell me what career to follow. Instead, it pointed me to the Bible, that God's will is for us to be sanctified and offered practical ways to follow Him. A must read, it gave me immense peace.


“Very helpful”

A well written and readable book. The last few chapters were particularly useful.

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Guidance and the Voice of God | Phillip Jensen, Tony Payne | £7.99 £4.99