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A Student's Guide to Anxiety

Dr Edward T. Welch

Biblical guidance for young adults on how to deal with anxiety.

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We all know the feeling. That nervous, jittery, tense feeling that tells you that something bad is just ahead. Anxiety can be overwhelming. But the Bible has plenty to say to people who are anxious. This book will help us to take our eyes off our circumstances and fix them on God.

- How to deal with anxiety
- For younger adults
- Part of the ‘Track’ series

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Age range: 15+
Contributors Dr Edward T. Welch
ISBN 9781527104501
Format Paperback
First published March 2020
Dimensions 110mm x 178mm x 4mm
Weight 0.09 kg
Language English
Pages 96
Publisher Christian Focus

Ann Benton

Author and conference speaker

Our risk–averse society with its prophecies of doom is a breeding–ground for anxiety, not least among children and teens. Ed Welch here offers young people a means to understand the roots of their own fears and discover how to live every day with genuine hope.

J. Alasdair Groves

Executive Director, Christian Counseling & Educational Foundation; coauthor, Untangling Emotions

This is a book about you, about something you face every day. Reading this will help you identify and deal with the core of your anxieties, and it gives answers that are not bandaids or simplistic. This book is perfect for teens trying to understand where their anxiety comes from, but be careful parents, it might have more to say to you than you realize!

J.D. Greear

J.D. Greear is the pastor at The Summit Church

Ed Welch is one of the church’s foremost counselors, and this book will help you not only understand your own heart, but the hearts of those you love. Dr. Welch’s books have been immensely helpful to me, and this book is no exception.

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Anxiety | Dr Edward T. Welch |
£3.99 £3.19