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Everything a Child Should Know About God

from 8 reviews

A catechism for young children helping them to discover the wonder of God and his word.

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Help your child discover the wonder of God and His Word! Dr. Kenneth Taylor explains in child–friendly language the essential Bible truths you want your child to know. He tells children about God’s creation of the world, why Jesus came to earth, how the Holy Spirit helps us, and so much more!

Give the child you love the greatest gift of all – a deeper understanding of God.

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  • Part 1: All about the Bible
  • Part 2: What God Has Done
  • Part 3: Who God is
  • Part 4: The Problem of Sin
  • Part 5: Jesus comes to help us
  • Part 6: Jesus Wants to Save You
  • Part 7: The Holy Spirit Helps Us
  • Part 8: Why We Go to Church
  • Part 9: Living as Jesus' Friends
  • Part 10: When Jesus Comes Back
  • Just Remember

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Age range: 4 - 7
Contributors Kenneth Taylor
ISBN 9781909611627
Format Hardback
First published April 2014
Dimensions 168mm x 203mm x 18mm
Language English
Pages 188
Publisher 10 Publishing
Customer reviews



Brilliant book; been looking for something to go through with my 4 & 5 year olds and this is perfect - wish I had it earlier. Enough to generate a wee bit of a discussion, and short enough to leave them wanting a bit more each night!



This is a really lovely book - quality pictures and print. The content is great - very simply put. Although I don't think the title is incorrect, it might be slightly off putting to some. I am giving it to families for Christmas.



Excellent book. We have used it in addition to reading Bible stories and my 3 and 5 year old have really enjoyed it. We have also given it away to non-Christian friends whose children are asking 'spiritual' questions. Would recommend!


“Brilliant for our pre-schooler!”

This has been perfect for our nearly-4 year old - an excellent way to introduce the characteristics of God, with a short passage, simple question & lovely picture to illustrate the main point. She has loved it - we highly recommend it!


“Sadly, big problem”

This would be a great book if there wasn't a HUGE theological problem. It states that Jesus coming to earth was an after thought. That only when He saw people behaving badly was the plan for Jesus to come concieved.

This one point ruins the whole book. God was not surprised by human sin. Jesus is the lamb that was chosen and slain from the foundations of the world for us. (Revelation 13:8, Ephesians 1:5, 1 Peter 1:20)
His coming was not “Plan B.” It was ALWAYS “Plan A.”
Equally, if the Trinity was surprised by men sinning, then God would not be omniscient and His original plan failed, making God fallible.
And we know He is omniscient and infallible.

Children shouldn't be taught this. They should be taught the biblical truth: that the Trinity always planned for Jesus to come to be our Savior.


“A clear, concise resource”

A clear, concise resource for small children. We read one page & the accompanying question a day to our child (2). This book does well at encapsulating Christian truths. Also, the illustrations keep him fixed on the book. Although probably overly simplistic for older kids, it would definitely not be a waste of time going through this book.



I wasn't initially sure how I would use this with my children when it arrived but fortunately my daughter (age 7) did. She has been reading it to her brother (age 5) over breakfast, a few pages at a time and he answers the questions at the bottom of each page (I just get the tricky questions that sometimes follow!). She also sometimes does a little quiz of earlier questions. The language is clear, the illustrations are beautiful and it helps to answer some of the questions children naturally have (Who made God? Why can't we see God? etc). A wonderful supplement to bible stories for pre-school and younger primary aged children, adding another dimension to children's knowledge and understanding of God.


“Highly recommended”

I've started reading this with my 4 and 2 year old and it has been fantastic. It's God made 'grabbable' for young hearts and minds. Cornerstone truths are explained in simple language, and basic questions at the bottom of the page help reinforce the message. My 4 year old asks for it every night (unheard of) and we've nearly completed the whole book within several weeks. It's a joy to read! Highly recommended.

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Everything a Child Should Know About God | Kenneth Taylor | £9.99 £8.49