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Click Unit 6: 8-11s Child's Component

Click Unit 6: 8-11s Child's Component

Easy-to-use, Bible-centered teaching material for 8-11s

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The child's component is a 'Spy Logbook'.

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Unit 6 for 8-11s looks at the subject of 'Go and Tell from Acts and Matthew.'

The child's component is a 'Spy Logbook'. This carries through the theme of being part of a Roman spy agency, reporting on the activities of this new group within the empire– the followers of Jesus.

This child's component accompanies the Click Unit 6: 8-11s Leaders Manual. There is also a Leader's Pack available.

CLICK is a Bible-based programme for teaching and discipling children from 3-11 years. The CLICK curriculum is based on the belief that the Bible’s own theological framework should direct what is taught and how it is taught. CLICK is Bible-based, teaching the major events, concepts and doctrines of the Bible. It’s also great fun!

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  • Go and Tell from Acts and Matthew
  • 1. Telling the world about Jesus (Acts 1 v 1-11)
  • 2. The Spirit comes (Acts 2 v 1-41)
  • 3. In the name of Jesus (Acts 3 v 1 - 4 v 22)
  • 4. Stephen - faithful to the end (Acts 6 - 7)
  • 5. Philip tells about Jesus (Acts 8 v 26-40)
  • 6. Saul's conversion (Acts 9)
  • 7. Paul sent to tell about Jesus (Acts 11 v 19-30; 13 v 1-12)
  • 8. Paul at Philippi (Acts 16 v 1-5, 11-40)
  • 9. Unity and love (Ephesians 4 v 1-16)
  • 10. Giving to those in need (2 Corinthians 9; Matthew 25)


Age range: 8 - 11
Contributors Alison Mitchell
Format Paperback
First published November 2006
Dimensions 149mm x 210mm x 1mm
Language English
Pages 16
Publisher The Good Book Company
Customer reviews


“what we've been looking for!”

It is so hard to find good biblical teaching material for kids that doesn't "dumb it down" and focuses on our need to respond to God not just learn a nice story; Click is everything we've been looking for! Our group loves the spy theme and have really enjoyed the logbooks. We've been using them for our 5-11s and at times have found the younger ones struggle with the logbooks but they are really aimed at the 8-11s so that is what you'd expect. The leaders manual has everything you need to structure your session and keep the morning moving so the kids don't get bored. Good teaching that relates the sesson to the childrens' lives and recognises that children develop spiritually at different rates. The memory verse posters are great too!


“Good, but Bible focus and teaching time has too many set questions which make it”

So far I have used about 4 sessions from the book.In general it is good biblical childrens work. The only difficulty I find is the long discussions/question and answer sessions. In order to cover all the points made in the session, it means me continually referring back to the book, which can stop the flow of the discussion.
I have not bought the work book for the children to use as it is too much like school, and not enjoyed by the majority of children.
I think an alement of craft in some of the sessions would be good to add variety. The different ways of teaching the bible verse is most useful.

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Click Unit 6: 8-11s Child's Component | Alison Mitchell | £1.49