Click Unit 2: 8-11s Leader's PACK (Manual + Posters + Child's Component)

Click Unit 2: 8-11s Leader's PACK (Manual + Posters + Child's Component)

Easy-to-use, Bible-centered teaching material for 8-11s

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This Leader's Pack includes the Leader's Manual, the relevant child component and the posters for this unit.

Multiple-component retail product
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Unit 2 for 8-11s looks at the subject of 'God the Creator and Covenant Maker - from Genesis'.

This Leader's Pack includes the Leader's Manual, the relevant child component and the posters for this unit.

CLICK is a Bible-based programme for teaching and discipling children from 3-11 years. The CLICK curriculum is based on the belief that the Bible’s own theological framework should direct what is taught and how it is taught. CLICK is Bible-based, teaching the major events, concepts and doctrines of the Bible. It’s also great fun!

    Each CLICK Leader's Pack includes:
  • a comprehensive leader’s manual
  • ten Bible teaching sessions
  • engaging and purposeful activities, games and crafts
  • music suggestions
  • extension ideas for more able children
  • photocopiable masters for visual aids and activities
  • full colour leader’s visual aids
  • take-home components for the children. (These vary with each unit eg: a set of mini-posters, treasure box or activity booklet.)

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  • God the Creator and Covenant Maker - from Genesis
  • 1. Sin spoils creation (Genesis 1-4)
  • 2. Saved from the flood (Genesis 6-9)
  • 3. God makes His choice (Genesis 12)
  • 4. Failing to trust (Genesis 15; 16)
  • 5. Faith tested (Genesis 18; 21; 22)
  • 6. God provides (Genesis 24)
  • 7. Lies and deception (Genesis 25; 27; 28)
  • 8. Jacob faces Esau (Genesis 29-33; 35)
  • 9. Joseph hits rock bottom! (Genesis 37; 39)
  • 10. Joseph's rise from despair to hope (Genesis 40-50)

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Age range: 8 - 11
Author Alison Mitchell
Format Multiple-component retail product
First published January 2006
Dimensions 210mm x 297mm
Language English
Publisher The Good Book Company
Customer reviews


“helpful, bible based full of ideas to support the lesson”

we have recently decided to change the way we have organised our sunday meeting for children. We have found the click material thorough and bible based. There are lots of ideas to back up the bible teaching which has helped to make the sessions fun as well as firmly based in scripture. We have also used some of the material in the main service to help the children feel part of the worship.


“Very good ideas for this age group”

This book provides a very good foundation in Bible knowledge for children. Really liked the fact that it wasn't dated so it would be easy to use again at a later date. Having different ages for each topic in the series also means that all children's groups can be looking at the same topics which can also tie in with what the adults are doing in church.


“Brilliant - just what we needed - Biblical & packed with ideas”

We've found click has been excellent having got fed up skipping around topics/passages every 4 weeks it's great to take a series for a term. There are so many ideas to choose from each week which helps the less experienced leaders and there's a good mix of activities. The children look forward to their workbook -even the 11 yr olds.


“This material has revolutionised our Sunday School!”

We looked at Click for our Sunday School, after some of the children were showing an interest in our church's Christianity Explored programme. We have been thrilled with the content and layout of Units 1 and 2 for the 8-11 year olds, and have seen the children grow greatly in their spiritual interest as a result of using this material. The excellent, relevant games ideas illustrate many concepts of the lessons in a way that captures the attention of every age, and the Digging Deeper reinforces Godly thinking and maturity. We love the beautifully-done posters for our classroom, and they are especially useful since we meet in a village hall, which needs some 'decorating'! Thank you for making such superb Bible teaching material available to us.

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Click Unit 2: 8-11s Leader's PACK (Manual + Posters + Child's Component) | Alison Mitchell | £14.99