XTB: Christmas Unpacked

Bible discovery for children and families

Christmas Unpacked is a great resource to help children and families explore the Bible together over Christmas.

Part of the XTB series.

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Christmas Unpacked is a great resource to help children and families explore the Bible together over the Christmas holidays. Three weeks of Bible readings help you focus on what Christmas is really all about. Meet Dr Luke as he tells you all about God's rescue plan. Find out Who the rescuer is and Why we need rescuing.

Beautifully presented with full-colour illustrations, it is actually two books in one:

XTB (eXplore The Bible) will help 7-11 year olds to get into the Bible for themselves. It's packed with pictures, puzzles and loads of help to follow the clues to see who Jesus is and why He came.

Table Talk - is designed for families (or groups) to use together. Based on just a few verses from the passage that XTB uses, it is suitable for families with children aged from 4 upwards. Table Talk forms the basis for a short family time together - maybe just five minutes at the breakfast or dinner table, or whenever best suits you.

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Age range: 7 - 11
Author Alison Mitchell
ISBN 9781873166888
Format Saddle stitch
First published January 2004
Dimensions 210mm x 147mm x 3mm
Language English
Pages 40
Publisher The Good Book Company

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Customer reviews


“Impressively motivational”

Being attracted by its powerful inspiring textual/ graphic presentation, my young son and I just couldn't get rid of reading XTB thoroughly. Its unique way of content arrangement has efficaciously guides and fuels our growth with God in term of knowledge enhancement of Jesus Christ.


“Great for older kids!”

This resource is brilliant. We delivered them to all of our church's year 3-5's as something to do with their parents during Advent. My ONLY drawback is that it's 21 days - I just wish it were 24 so that it could be a complete Advent resource. But otherwise, it's great and definitely worth it!


“We really enjoyed this book!”

A really good way of going through the story of Jesus birth at Christmas with the children and seeing his rescue plan for us all. I have 4 children aged 12,11,8,5 and they all enjoyed doing this book as a group at breakfast time.


“A good way to kick-Start Christmas for young readers.”

This material could be a good way to get your kids involved in daily Bible reading for the first time.

Using fill in the gaps, letter codes, stickers and other activities your child will cover the Christmas story over 20 days.

It can be done with an adult, or requires a reasonable level of child reading. Covers about 5 verses a day of Luke 1-2.


“The great rescue”

This daily study has proved to be a really good resource that can be used effectively at what can often be a very busy time of year. The focus on the beginning of Luke's gospel and the arrival of the Lord Jesus as a rescuer to so many people then and now is very powerful! A great study to hook the family into further discussion and my twins loved the activities too!


“Great buy for kids that like to do written activities”

My 7 year old daughter has done several books in this series and loves them. This one did not disappoint ! She loved the rescue sticker. The teaching was very clear and made me think too!



This is a combination of Table Talk and XTB in the same book. We do Table Talk with our 4 year old and then our 7 year old does XTB afterwards. I couldn't recommend both Table Talk or XTB more. They are both absolutely fantastic.


“My 7 year old thinks it's great”

My son has really enjoyed this XTB. It would have been easier if the Table talk bit had been included as a separate booklet as my son didn't want me borrowing the book.


“Ordered by request from someone who had appreciated Easter unscrambled”

This filled a gap and was appreciated by a family with young children who wanted to have something to share together. It sold well - it was attractively presented and just the right length.


“Right level for my 6-year-old”

We'd been looking for Bible notes for our 6-year-old son for a while, and this seems to have hit the right level. There was just enough to think about for each day. The stickers were a big hit too.

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XTB: Christmas Unpacked | Alison Mitchell | £3.49 £2.97