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How do I know I'm a Christian?

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Based on Jesus' words in John 10 v 7-15, this tract will help 7-14s know if they are a Christian.

Part of the How Do I series.

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Part of our range of three full colour leaflets with Bible passages, puzzles and questions addressing discipleship issues. Following on from the 'Why' tracts, these seek to help children and young people to grow in their faith.

'How do I know I'm a Christian?' is the first of these three How tracts, and is ideal for use in children's groups or camps. Based on John 10 v 7-15, it examines our role as one of Jesus' sheep with Jesus as our shepherd. It is also designed to be used evangelistically.

Suitable for use with ages 7-14

Product details


Age range: 7 - 14
Contributors Alison Mitchell
ISBN 9781784981723
Format Tract
First published May 2006
Dimensions 140mm x 148mm x 1mm
Language English
Pages 6
Publisher The Good Book Company
Customer reviews


“The impossible promise nativity book”

I ordered 60 copies of the impossible promise nativity book for our church kids party. The book is great value with a bull discount, the service was great. I realised I’d ordered them quite late and wasn’t sure if we’d receive them in time so sent an email to ask when they would be delivered. The team replied really quickly and helpfully. The kids are going to love the book. Thanks all!


“Very good booklet ”

The good book company have so many great resources for great topics.

Recently I bought this product as children in my kids clubs had become Christians. It is really good as it answers questions in very simple form for any child or indeed any new Christian to understand. Covering different verses from The Bible. Great wee booklet!!!



i really liked this book because when i started to read i found out the things that my teacher taught me connected to alot of things in this book, and now i know how to find out if im really a christian now!



Purchased for Sunday School children who expressed an interest in becoming a Christian. Leaflets were easy for them to understand and answered questions they had. An excellent purchase.


“Very useful”

Easy to work through with our 6 year old daughter who was asking lots of questions. Just what she needed!



These were purchased to give FREE to Disadvantaged children on our Outreach Camps. the wholke "HOW" series is very good.



The booklet is very good and I bought them to pass onto others for free



'How do I know I'm a Christian' is a question that many children (and adults) ask and in my opinion this tract/booklet gives a straight answer. I've found the whole 'How' series to be a great resource. They appeal to children while giving strong, clear Biblical answers and explinations.


“both clear and engaging”

Helpfully this is written with both the christian and non-christian child in mind.
Very clear with no assumed back ground knowledge.
Pictures and gaps to fill in to hold attention.
A great resource.

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