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Changing the World 2 – Creative Christian ideas

Creative Christian ideas for youth groups

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A book to help you to think about your youth group's goals, shape your program and run meetings.

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This book will help you to think about your youth group's goals, shape your programme and run meetings that will surely change the world for Christ.

Ken Moser has been a youth leader for over 20 years. The lessons he has learned and the model of youth ministry described in Changing the World can be applied to groups of any size. If you long to see young people grow to maturity in Christ, make sure that you put in place a program that will work for you not against you.

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  • Introduction

  • 1 First things first
    2 The art of the great start
    3 Spotlight
    4 Bible Games
    5 Memory Verses
    6 Question and Answer Times
    7 Testimonies! Testify!
    8 BRW (Bible reading of the week)
    9 Operation World
    10 Predicament!
    11 Scalpel
    12 Flag
    13 Favourite Tunes
    14 Running Effective Prayer Times
    15 Singing
    16 Food Glorious Food
    17 Notices/Announcements
    18 Putting it all together
    19 Setting the Scene
    20 The straw removal system
    21 Be patient

  • Resources
    Mixer games/activities
    Spotlight and sharing questions
    Bible game questions
    Predicament verses

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Contributors Ken Moser
ISBN 9781906334253
Format Paperback
First published August 2004
Dimensions 170mm x 242mm x 9mm
Weight 0.36 kg
Print size 9.0pt
Language English
Pages 130
Publisher The Good Book Company

Chris Newill

Our youth group had a reputation for being successful. Other churches looked to our model because it drew large numbers. Three years ago we started to move toward the approach outlined in this book. Change has been gradual and there were difficulties. Today things are different. Increasingly the young people are keen to do Christian things. Among many signs of change are good attendance at teen prayer meetings, growth in participation in small groups and the popularity of active service in ministries at church as well as on short-term missions.

Hayley Ronne

We got a lot of flack when we changed the emphasis from entertainment to Bible teaching. Now as a result of loving our teenagers, building real relationships and teaching them the Bible, we have a great bunch of teenagers who love the Lord Jesus.

Scott Tubman

I've learned that good things don't happen instantly. They take time. I am inspired when I see how important solid fellowship, small group accountability and following Jesus has become to kids who are fairly 'rough around the edges'! Youth Church is a rock in a turbulent sea for them. It offers stability, love and most importantly the opportunity to meet the living Saviour. We must not underestimate teenagers. They have a great thirst and a strong desire to follow Him.

Customer reviews

21 Oct 2011

“A Great Help - Full of ideas based on a wealth of experience”

I ordered this book with one or two others when I was drafted in at short notice as a temporary leader for our church youth group. I ended up discarding the other books quite quickly, but between this book and I've got lots of good ideas which has really taken the pressure off me. I think this has helped immensely. Now I feel like I can relax and be myself. It helps if you can go into the meetings each week with confidence (they can smell your fear you know).

18 May 2007

“Changing the world”

This is an excellent book which gives a good insight as to how to successfully run a Christian youth group. It looks at all issues including prayer, praise and games. I have tried some of the ideas with different groups and they work!

16 Sep 2004

“Changing the World 2 - Creative Christian Ideas”

Excellent book for new and long-standing youth leaders. Thoroughly Biblical ideas which will also help your group to be incredibly fun. I often use ideas from this book to make youth groups more varied, to enable groups to relate in greater depth and to lighten the feel so new members feel more comfortable.
<BR>If you supervise other leaders, buy this book for all of your team. They will thank you.

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Changing the World 2 – Creative Christian ideas | Ken Moser |
£8.99 £4.50