Binscombe Church

Pocket Bible (NIV)
£8.99 £7.19

A pocket version of the new NIV, to which the church will be switching soon.

NIV Proclamation Bible
£28.99 £19.99

The new NIV with introductions to each book and other essays by some outstanding contributors.

The Message of Ephesians
£12.99 £9.74

If you want to dig deeper into Ephesians, this is a very helpful and devotional commentary.

Ephesians: God's Big Plan for Christ's New People
£3.99 £3.39

Bible studies in Ephesians for individuals or groups.

Battles Christians Face
£7.99 £6.39

Following on from the recent Binscombe Bible Training course, this is an excellent handling of a number of difficult areas.

Captured by a Better Vision
£8.99 £6.49

As recommended in Pete's recent sermon on the early verses of Ephesians 5.

Out of stock
The Daily Reading Bible - Volume 6
£3.50 £2.80

Full text of each day's reading plus questions and ideas for prayer.

Explore - 1 year subscription

Popular Bible reading notes for adults.

Beginning with God and The Beginner's Bible
£16.98 £11.04

The Beginner's Bible is great - simple telling of the stories with fun illustrations. Beginning with God gives questions, prayers and stickers for each day - our boys love it!

Jesus Storybook Bible
£12.99 £7.92

Shows how the whole Bible points to Jesus.

XTB 1: The Book of Beginnings
£3.99 £3.39

Bible notes for 7-11 year-olds

Table Talk 1: The Book of Beginnings

Ideas for family Bible discussion, which can be linked in with XTB.

Living the Cross Centered Life
£11.99 £10.79

A challenge to live in the light of the cross.

Don't Waste Your Life
£9.99 £7.19

Short and punchy. Very challenging about priorities and ambitions.

The Enemy Within
Kris Lundgaard
£7.99 £7.19

A superb updating of an old John Owen classic.

Guidance and the Voice of God
£7.99 £4.99

Clear Bible teaching on a much misunderstood topic.

£9.99 £7.99

Helps the reader to identify and dethrone those idols which keep us from worshipping God as we should.

Our Father: Enjoying God in prayer
£8.99 £6.89

Easy to read and very encouraging. Great applications and a real spur to prayer.

Crazy Busy
£8.99 £6.49

New book which has had very positive reviews.

Gospel Centred Family
£4.99 £4.24

Outstanding short book encouraging parents to think through a gospel-centred approach to family life. Very realistic, with extremely helpful applications

A Few Good Men
£6.99 £5.73

Lessons from Bible characters. Very inspiring.

The Heart of Singleness
£6.99 £5.94

New book which has had very positive reviews.

Married for God
£9.99 £7.65

A challenge to put God at the centre of your marriage. Practical and well-applied.

Different by Design
£9.99 £8.99

Biblical teaching on the roles of men and women in different areas of life.

Christianity Explored
£4.99 £1.00

Simple explanation of the gospel with lots of good stories to illustrate the points made. Ideal for giving away.

Making the Most of the Rest of Your Life
£3.99 £3.19

An evangelistic book specifically for those not in the first flush of youth!

Case for Christ
£3.99 £3.59

Very helpful and convincing defence of the reliability of the gospel records.

Out of stock
If You Could Ask God One Question
£6.99 £5.94

Short answers to some of the most common questions asked about Christianity.

Out of stock
Walking with God (Hardback)
£14.99 £5.00

Looks at what the Bible says about one of the biggest obstacles to trusting God.

The Word: One to One - Volume One
William Taylor & Richard Borgonon
£7.99 £6.39

Studies in John's Gospel, designed for evangelistic use.

Uncover - Luke's Gospel (NIV)
£4.99 £4.24

Hugely popular evangelistic resource produced originally for students.

Uncover - See For Yourself
£2.99 £2.54

Studies in Luke's Gospel, designed for evangelistic use.