Ballyhenry Presbyterian Church

Last Things First
£9.99 £7.99

Graham Beynon describes the return of the Lord Jesus as being 'foundational to what the Bible teaches'. This book helpfully explores this key aspect of Christian teaching.

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Everyday Church
£11.99 £7.55

Called to be patient, called to be different. Very biblical (based around 1 Peter), very up to date, this book explores how we can be witnesses for Jesus in the ordinary, everyday things of life.

Ephesians: God's Big Plan for Christ's New People
£3.99 £2.79

A Bible study guide for those with more time to give to studying Ephesians. Thought provoking questions and lots of practical application.

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He Is Our Peace (Ephesians)
£3.49 £2.79

Ten studies on the book of Ephesians. Straightforward and concise. Another angle on this book suitable for personal study.

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The Message of Ephesians
£12.99 £9.74

This 'commentary' would be particularly helpful for Group Leaders or others wanting an in-depth (though practical) resource for studying Ephesians.

Table Talk 6: Footprints

Table Talk is for families with children from 4 yrs and up to use for daily Bible times. Each day takes about five minutes. Includes family friendly material on Ephesians.

Engage Issue 7

Engage Bible notes have been written to help young people understand and apply the scriptures. They also seek to address relevant issues in teenagers' lives. Includes teenage relevant material on Ephesians.

New Bible Commentary 21st Century Edition
£49.99 £37.49

A commentary covering the whole Bible in one volume. A 'reference book', rather than a 'reading book' but a hugely helpful resource.

New Bible Dictionary 3rd Ed
£49.99 £36.24

A really good resource for those wanting to understand the Bible better. Lots of articles, a really useful reference tool.

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NIV Study Bible
£44.99 £33.74

This is an excellent study Bible. Lots of articles, explanations etc. A highly recommended aid for personal and group Bible study.

Aqua Hardback Bible (NIV)
£17.99 £12.89

The same Bible we use in church. Buy your own for daily use at home!

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Pocket Bible (NIV)
£8.99 £7.19

Pocket version of NIV Bible which we use in church.

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The Beginners Bible
£11.99 £7.99

Very popular children's Bible bringing God's word to life. Especially suitable for pre-school age group.

Jesus Storybook Bible
£13.99 £9.99

A very well written (and illustrated) suitable for children of primary school age.

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NCV Youth Bible
£14.99 £12.74

A well presented and practical Bible designed specifically for teenagers.

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One life. What's it all about?
£6.99 £5.94

A great book to pass on to a friend, colleague or family member, interested in knowing more about Christian faith.