5 Steps to Advertising Your Christmas Events on Facebook

Phil Grout | November 30th 2016

How do you plan to tell people in your local community about the events your church is running this Christmas? Many churches will place an advert in a local newspaper, put up posters in local businesses, display a banner outside their church building, or deliver flyers to local homes.

But there’s something else you can do too: advertise on Facebook. If you’re a Facebook user, you’ve probably seen “sponsored posts” from companies and charities come up in your newsfeed. This December it could be your church appearing in the newsfeeds of people in your community! Here are some of the benefits of Facebook advertising:

  • It’s precise: You can target your advert so that it only appears to people living in your local community.
  • It’s cheap: You can have your ad seen by 3000-5000 people in your town for as little as £20.
  • It’s easy: Read on to find out how!

All you need to get started is a personal Facebook account, and a church Facebook page for which you are a manager.

Here’s a very basic step by step guide on how to create an advert for your church’s Christmas events this year:

Click here to download the FREE guide.

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Phil Grout

Phil is the Film and Media Editor at The Good Book Company. You can watch The Good Book Company's videos on their YouTube Channel. He also blogs at The Good Book Blog.

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