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5 fantastic alternative Halloween party ideas

Rachel Jones | 12 Oct 2015

What should Christians do around Halloween?

Some of us seek to make the most of the positive opportunities the season offers: a chance to get to know people in our community and have fun as a family.

Others worry about the other side of it: uncomfortable at the thought of encouraging our children to celebrate what is dark, frightening and frankly untrue.

And many of us feel stuck somewhere in the middle!

But there is an alternative. Wouldn’t it be great to run an event that means that kids in your church or neighbourhood have loads of fun around 31st October, but also learn something of the amazing news about Jesus?

Introducing the “light party”—a celebration of the fact that Jesus is the light of the world, and has overcome all the powers of darkness.

Here are five fantastic light party activity ideas for an event at your church or neighbourhood:

1. Monster-builder challenge

You will need: cardboard boxes, and other “junk” (e.g: cardboard tubes, plastic bottles, foil containers).

Children in a set time limit build as tall a box monster as possible—points awarded for height and creativity in design. Keep a record of the best.

2. Coin-it challenge

You will need: washing-up bowl (or bucket), water, coins, targets (e.g: black metal shapes, or targets drawn on the bowl with permanent marker pen)

A washing-up bowl with black targets in the bottom of it is filled with water. Children try to drop shiny coins onto the black, to cover dark with light. Keep a record of the best.

3. Flashlight memory verse

The Lord is my light and my salvation. Psalm 27 v 1a

Show the children a flashlight (switched off). Explain that when it’s off, it’s not doing what it’s made to do, but when it’s on, it lights up the darkness, it guides us and helps us. Explain that Jesus described Himself as a light as He is 100% good and He shows us God and how we should live. He guides us and helps us.

Now teach the verse with the following actions:

The Lord (point up) is my (point to self) light (twinkling fingers) and my (point to self) salvation (action hero pose). Psalm 27 v 1a

After saying it a few times, explain that they are going to do it in teams. They have to watch you carefully so that when you point the flashlight at them, they say the next part, e.g: The Lord / is my light / and my / salvation / Psalm 27 / verse 1a.

4. Make paper lanterns

You will need: A4 paper, stapler or glue, scissors, felt-tip pens, stickers.

  1. Children to decorate a piece of A4 paper with dots, swirls, stars etc.
  2. Fold the paper in half horizontally.
  3. Make a series of cuts in the paper about 1-2cm apart, cutting from the folded edge to about 2cm from the other edge of the paper.
  4. Unfold the paper and roll it into a tube.
  5. Staple or stick the edges together.
  6. Then give the children a strip of paper to attach to the top to make a handle.

5. Play Lightbusters

You will need: balloons, and string, wool or curling ribbon

Give each child a balloon and attach the balloon around each child’s ankle with string, wool or curling ribbon. At the sound of “Go”, each child will try to pop the other children’s balloons without having his/hers popped. The one left with the unpopped balloon wins.

Make sure the playing space gets smaller as the number of players reduces.


These ideas are all taken from One Day Wonders, which provides a step-by-step guide to running a fun Bible activity event around Halloween—and at Christmas and Easter too!

Got any other alternative halloween ideas? We'd love to hear them. Comment below. You can also like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and subscribe to our YouTube Channel

Rachel Jones

Rachel Jones is the author of A Brief Theology of Periods (Yes, Really), Is This It? and several books in the award-winning Five Things to Pray series, and serves as Vice President (Editorial) at The Good Book Company. She helps teach kids at her church, King's Church Chessington, in Surrey, UK.

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