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Dean Faulkner | July 29th 2014

In a short space of time, a day or maybe even an hour, we can experience a huge range of emotions. The ups and downs mean that life really can feel like a rollercoaster. Those emotions might range from anger to awe, disappointment to delight, or even outrage to a sense of being overjoyed. There can even be days when we feel as if our emotions have been erased, as if we’ve turned into a robot, numb compared to those around us.

There are some great things about emotions, but there are times when emotions can seem like the enemy. There have definitely been days when I’ve wished my feelings away, days when I’ve been convinced emotions are not good. but, that denies how God made me, as a thinking, feeling, relational person.

Graham Beynon’s book, Emotions: Living Life in Colour, is a great read, helping us to discover what it means to be fully human, putting our feelings in their right place as we seek to live and grow to be more like Jesus, loving our Heavenly Father.

This book can help us think through the right place for emotions in our lives and how to view emotions from a biblical point of view. And, although this book is about emotions, you come away not wanting to feel a certain way, but desiring to be more like Jesus.

Whether you think you are highly emotional or emotionally suppressed this is a must read! Find out more HERE and get the ebook for just £4.99 until Thursday at noon. Simply use the code emo0714 at the checkout.

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Dean Faulkner

Dean is the Sales Manager at The Good Book Company. He engages with churches, organisations and individuals to provide them with useful resources for their varying ministries. Dean attends St John's Church in Woking, where he lives with his family.