LIVE: the course your church may well have been waiting for

Carl Laferton | July 28th 2014

Rebecca Manley Pippert has done more to shape the church’s evangelism, and done more evangelism herself, than virtually anyone else in the last fifty years. Her bestselling Out of the Saltshaker was listed as one of the fifty most influential Christian books of the 20th century in Christianity Today. More recently, she has been based in Europe, encouraging Christians of all ages but particularly students to read the Bible with their non-Christian friends. The fruit right across the continent has been astonishing.

Now, Becky has turned her mind to a gap she’s noticed as she’s told people about Christ throughout the world. When people become Christians… what next? Or, when people have read the Bible with a friend, or done a course such as Christianity Explored or Alpha, and are interested but not yet converted… what next?

It’s worth asking yourself what you do. What your church does. What comes next for the nearly believer, or the new believer, or even the newly committed believer?

Well, Becky’s answered her own question. LIVE-GROW-KNOW is a series of three sets of five sessions, covering the basics of the Christian gospel, Christian growth, and Christian belief. The first part, LIVE, assumes no prior knowledge, and no level of Christian commitment. It works through the gospel message, and what conversion is, and what the Christian life is like, in a way that will help both a brand new believer and someone who is still thinking about commitment. Through a mixture of DVD clips, Bible study, discussion and listening to testimonies, each session aims to encourage course members on from seeking to believing to maturity.

To run the course, all you need is the DVD (or the downloadable material, which you access using a code given inside the DVD cover); a handbook for each member; and the downloadable free leader's guide. And some people.

This week on the blog, we’ll be hearing Becky talk about the course, as well as giving you a glimpse of the DVD and some extracts from the handbook. We’re really excited about LIVE — we think that it’s what many churches have been waiting for, perhaps without realising. But then, I would say that, I’m the editor! Don’t take my word for it — listen to what a huge range of pastors from right around the world are saying about LIVE:

"These studies by Becky Pippert are clear and accessible, yet substantial and thoughtful explorations of how to be grounded and grow in Christian faith. I highly recommend them." - Tim Keller, Redeemer Presbyterian Church, New York City.

"LIVE-GROW-KNOW is is imaginative, interactive, accessible, practical and thoughtful. This course looks to be gold dust, and will fill an enormous and long- standing gap. I commend it with joy and confidence." - The Rev Canon Dr Michael Green, author, speaker and theologian.

"Becky Pippert is one of the most effective communicators of the gospel I know. LIVE is a thrilling study for anyone who has recently been converted or is ready to make a commitment to Christ. I would make it available to every new convert." - Bob Russell, retired founder and Sr. Minister, Southeast Christian Church, Louisville, Kentucky.

"Anyone interested in exploring the Christian faith need look no further than this stimulating, sensible and sensitive course from a wise and experienced guide. Highly recommended!" - Revd Canon J.John, speaker and author.

"This a much-needed resource for all churches wishing to equip their members for the great journey of faith." - Os Guinness, author of "The Call".

"For the longest time I have wished that Becky could be on the staff of our church teaching us how to evangelize and disciple more effectively! In these studies and videos she brings her unique gifts into our churches and homes and shares the insights that have changed the lives of so many around the world." - John Yates, senior pastor, The Falls Church Anglican, Virginia.

"Clear and palatable, this resource asks and answers many of the hard questions shared by both non-Christians and young believers. I highly recommend it to those want to get to know Christ." - Dr. D. Michael Lindsay, President of Gordon College, Boston.

"Very clear and helpful, spiced with arresting quotations and telling insights. A fine, natural, engaging, resource." - Josh Moody, Senior Pastor, College Church, Wheaton, Illinois.

"This series of studies will be a great help in uncovering more of God's heart for people everywhere." - Charlie Cleverly, Rector of St Aldates Church, Oxford.

"Becky Pippert is a master of evangelism and discipleship. LIVE is a remarkable, very practical and helpful instrument for discipleship. I am so thankful for it." - Wayne “Coach” Gordon, founding pastor of Lawndale Community Church, Chicago.

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