Something for the Weekend: 25th June

Phil Grout | June 24th 2016

Something to watch…

Ever wondered what makes a book a book? Watch this video from TED-Ed to find out.

Something for the summer…

Off on your summer holiday soon? Here's a theology of summer vacations from John Piper.

Something to make you go hmm…

What would you like to be said at your funeral? Tim Challies shares what he doesn't want to hear at his.

Something for women…

Grab a drink, and maybe a friend too, and take some time to watch or listen to the recordings from The Gospel Coalition 2016 National Women's Conference.

Something to make you smile…

A handy translation guide for Christian Facebook statuses

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Phil Grout

Phil is the Film and Media Editor at The Good Book Company. You can watch The Good Book Company's videos on their YouTube Channel. He also blogs at The Good Book Blog.

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