On to a Good Thing

Dex Fletcher | December 16th 2014

1. Come Home for Christmas

A short video from UCCF about coming home for Christmas.

2. The Pendulum of Growing up Christian

A great little poem from Nicholas McDonald about the realities of being a Christian.

3. Glen Schrivener and Carl Laferton speak...

Listen to them discuss why Tricky was written; how to have a Jesus-centred approach to evangelism; how Christians can speak about homosexuality in conversations with non-Christians; and much more.

4. Christmas Carols Radio

They play none-stop traditional Christmas carols choral music, with Bible thoughts on the nativity. Listen here.

5. Pilgrim's Progress for Free

Desiring God are giving away eBook version of Pilgrim's Progress for free. Get it here!

6. And finally...

Our video of the week, 'Tommy the Tiger' from St. Thomas Church, Norwich:



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