On to a Good Thing

Phil Grout | June 24th 2014

1. Rock Solid ebook - less than half price!

Get the ebook version of Rock Solid for just £2.49!

2. TGC 2014 National Women’s Conference Live

Watch the TGC 2014 National Women’s Conference livestream from 27th-29th June.

3. You’ll Be Shocked At How Much Time Young People Spend Reading Each Day

An interesting article (with graphics) on young people’s reading habits.

4. I’m Southern Baptist, and I Love a Man

A post from Chad Ashby at The Gospel Coalition.

5. Top 20 Christ-Centred Expository Preaching Checklist

A preaching checklist from Prince on Preaching.

6. How to Maintain Pastoral Zeal while Avoiding Pastoral Burnout

A video from Christopher Ash (Serving without Sinking recommended in video).

7. And finally...

Our video of the week, ‘Titus For You’ trailer:


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