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Bonus Podcast Episode: Are Online Gatherings Really Church?

The Good Book Company | October 2nd 2020


This is a special bonus episode podcast. We’re not talking about the latest release from the Good Book Company, instead we've got three pastors and theologians to think through the changing landscape of how we respond to the coranavirus lockdown measures, imposed by the civil authorities.

Up and down the country – in UK, US and all over the world – there have been many imaginative solutions both high tech and low tech which have enabled virtual meetings of church, but are they actually church? What are the theological implications of that? And have we rushed to practical solutions but failed to address the much bigger more serious ones of what happens when God’s people do not gather to worship, to sing and to hear his word. I have three guests who’ve given this a bit of thought.

Out three guests include Dr Dan Strange, College Director of Oakhill College, Andrew Wilson, teaching Pastor and Elder of King’s Church London from the New Frontiers network, and Dave Gobbett, Lead Pastor of Highfields Church Cardiff. 

Show notes:

Letter from Church Ministers and Christian Leaders to UK Prime & First Ministers:

Awaiting the King: Reforming Public Theology (Cultural Liturgies) by James K.A. Smith

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