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Men: here’s how you can talk helpfully about abortion (and help practically)

Dr Lizzie Ling | July 9th 2020

“I am a man who is frustrated that, so often, abortion is seen as a woman’s issue. How can my voice be heard?”... continue reading

Two stories of gospel hope amidst the pain of complicated pregnancies

Dr Lizzie Ling | June 30th 2020

The following anecdotes are true stories but the names have been changed.... continue reading

Abortion: Not just an ‘out there’ problem

Dr Lizzie Ling | May 14th 2020

Worldwide, it is estimated that there are some 40 million induced abortions every year.... continue reading

Abortion: Thinking biblically, speaking wisely and acting compassionately (Lizzie Ling and Vaughan Roberts)

Dr Lizzie Ling | April 24th 2020

In this episode, we speak to Dr. Lizzie Ling and bible teacher Vaughan Roberts about this sensitive issue and hear more about their new book Abortion from the Talking Points series. ... continue reading

Loving Jesus more than theology

J.A. Medders | April 9th 2019

One of the greatest dangers for studious Christians is loving the study of God more than God himself. We love books. We love to love God with our minds. Yes and amen. So did the Apostle Paul; he asks Timothy to bring his cloak and his books (2 Timothy 4 ...

Please, please DON’T give this book away

Tim Thornborough | October 18th 2016

If we had been writing a book for you to give away, it would be completely different... continue reading

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