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You really can enjoy reading the Bible this year

Carl Laferton | December 30th 2019

What changed last time you read your Bible? For most of us, the answer is: Nothing.... continue reading

4 small changes that could make a big difference to your 2019

Joe Henegan | December 31st 2018

Manageable changes, inspired by some of our 2018 releases, for a big impact.... continue reading

Getting (Re)Started with Bible Reading in 2019

Carl Laferton | December 29th 2018

What changed last time you read your Bible? For most of us, the answer is: Nothing. And so, for many of us, Bible reading slides into short spurts punctuating longer gaps. Others are more disciplined and optimistic. So we continue reading our Bible each day, hoping that in tomorrow’s reading ...

The 4 books I’m so glad we published

Carl Laferton | July 3rd 2018

Editorial Director, Carl Laferton, chooses his 4 favourite books that we've published... ... continue reading

What would Jesus say to disappointed millennials?

John Hindley | January 25th 2017

John Hindley, author of Dealing with Disappointment, answers the question, what would Jesus say to disappointed millennials?... continue reading

John Hindley on Dealing with Disappointment

John Hindley | January 16th 2017

"Let your disappointments be fuel for firing your prayers, and not the burden that dampens your love."... continue reading

No, I’m not “fine thanks”

John Hindley | January 10th 2017

John Hindley writes about two dangerous words you’ll probably say on Sunday morning: “Fine, thanks.”... continue reading

Two things to remember after a less-than-perfect Christmas

John Hindley | December 28th 2016

My hunch is that your Christmas—like mine—did not measure up to the ghosts of Christmases past. So what can we do when we feel the darkness of disappointment settling on our lives?... continue reading

John Hindley on Serving without Sinking

John Hindley | October 26th 2015

"We have a God who is Lord of all, and yet chooses to be a servant."... continue reading

Free ebook: Serving without sinking

Rachel Jones | September 14th 2015

Got that start of term sinking feeling? Busy serving Christ, but feeling weary, joyless and burdened?... continue reading

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